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(Opinion) Edo State Government, What Is It With Ewohimi? By Ernest Omoarelojie

The above title may not entirely represent the issue(s) in contention in Ewohimi, the third most populated town in Edo Central Senatorial zone. If a better title were possible, it would have been, ‘What Went Wrong Between Ewohimi and Governor Obaseki.’ That won’t be necessary as it would personalize the issues as the governor himself […]

(Opinion) Time To Interrogate Igbo Conservation Failings By Frank Meke 

    In Nigeria conservation community, the Igbo nation has no cultural and historical bearing in the national conservation history, coverage and funding. In true intent, the Igbo nation however, relish in historical, folklore and creative artistic rendition of the most enduring features of the preservation of Rivers, flora, fauna, pottery and agronomy dedicated to […]

Tede Lineage: History In Perspective By Ezekiel Oladoja

      The history of human progress is anchored on the need to allow the past inform the present while the present informs the future in an unending march of human progress. It is against this backdrop that we are writing to refute and correct the distortions and falsehood about the history and tradition […]

(Opinion) Edo APC’s Call For State Of  Emergency Should Be Directed At FG By Andrew Emwanta JP, is

      That the Edo State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have the temerity to convene a press conference and raise issues about governance and development is not only a slap on the faces of citizens of Edo State, but a sign of selective amnesia. Edo State, as of today, is perhaps […]

Security Top-Notch In Edo, By Maureen Nwine

    From a broad spectrum, any of the various means or designs geared towards the protection of lives and properties against a wide range of hazards, including crime, fire, accidents, sabotage and attack is generally known as a security system. Security systems are found in a wide variety of organisations especially in Governments and […]

(Opinion)Air Peace, Emirates Airline and FG’s Reciprocal Action By Chidiebere Nwobodo 

    Despite swirling challenges facing the nation, this is one of the good times to be a proud Nigerian! President Buhari-led government has made me proud. The recent reciprocal reduction of Emirates flights to Nigeria from twenty-one per week to just once, in retaliation to UAE’s limitation of Air Peace’s flights to Dubai via […]

Gains From IOM: Journalists Testament 20 Years After By Ajibola Abayomi

  The journey started in August 2001 when the Federal Government signed a Cooperation Pact with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). This led to the setting up of the United Nations’ (UN) agency structures in Nigeria. 20 years after, the impact on the lives of millions of Nigerians is huge as evident in its […]

Ground Handling Rates & NG Eagles : Stop The Interference  By Olumide Ohunayo

    The media has been awash with the concurrent orders to Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) from the House of Representative committee on aviation, chaired by Hon Nnolim Nnaji asking the regulator to suspend recently approved ground handling rates and the issuance of Air Operating Certificate (AOC) to NG Eagle a new airline promoted […]

(Opinion)Anti-Open Grazing Bill: Edo’s Unique Approach By John Ewah

      For political, ethnic and other passionate considerations, the Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has been under pressure lately to honour the Delta Accord and fast track the process for the legislation of a law totally banning open grazing in Edo State like some of his counterparts have done already. While it […]

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AFCFTA:  A Voice For Tourism Transportation Summit  By Frank Meke

  ITPN, President,Abiodun Odusanwo   In the past two decades, Nigeria has made spirited attempts to generate atmosphere conducive to   getting various aspects of the economy on the podium of local and International recognition and buy- in. It started with Federal and state governments trade fairs, and advanced to the international space, where our […]