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(Opinion) Owerri Federal Constituency Seat 2023 : Who The Cap Fits By Emmanuel Chukwu

    As political parties and aspirants in Owerri Federal Constituency prepare on how to grab the position of Federal House of Representatives seat in 2023, there are two serious issues agitating the minds of the constituents. The first is which local government among the three local government areas should produce the candidate going by […]

(Opinion) Re-enacting Presidential Council On Tourism By Frank Meke

    Sometimes, I wonder if we really know what is good for our country.  In 2006, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, took far reaching measures to give us a new tourism economy.  First, he brought and head hunted Segun Runsewe to change the fortunes Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC). That directive was a military order; it was not […]

Runsewe: He Saw And Fought Lewdness Among Youths By Frank Meke

    Otunba Segun Runsewe, has a ” Thomas” as a middle name. He is Nigeria’s chief cultural officer and undoubtedly, has refined our cultural path. Unlike the biblical Thomas, who would not believe that his boss, Jesus Christ has risen, Runsewe as a Thomas, is clearly focused on his mission to change the deep […]

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(Opinion) Marhai, The Seed Of Nigeria’s New Effort On Ecotourism By Frank Meke

        Marhai, National Park in the heart of sleepy Wamba Local Government Area of Nasarawa State is testament of courage and faith in Nigeria quest to fully husband its vast but often neglected biosphere and environmental advantages. If the United States alone has over 400 protected areas and still counting in last quarter […]

Osun, Nasarawa, Jigwa Roll Up Sleeves For New Parks By Frank Meke

Unknown to many Nigerians, President Muhammadu Buhari, has re-written the narratives about the Nigerian protected areas value chain, when he inaugurated additional 10 new parks across the country. The refreshing initiative which got thumbs up from global conservation community, however like issues concerning environment and natural resources conservation, was celebrated as a national frontier of […]

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(Opinion) Adedayo Adeola: Leading With Humility By Frank Meke

This column is about people who make things happen in tourism. Over the years, we have learnt to be circumspect about certain convictions on tourism policies and action plans, not excluding persons who may or have brought uncommon changes in one way or the other. In doing this for over three decades, running and counting, […]

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(Opinion) Women In NANTA By Frank Meke

      About 30 years ago, Nigerian women in the travel and tourism trade business, were just in the ” owenbe” class. They took back seat and respectfully serve the men flock. Generally seen but not heard, these women of yore, simple bow to the suffocating male influence. They were more in number, yet […]

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Elder Anokwuru: A Journalist life Matters By Frank Meke

      Friday, 11th March, our brother and friend, one of Nigeria’s most accomplished travel journalist, Emeka Anokwuru, was interred in his Imo State country home, never to write again about our country and people he gave all while here on mother earth. Anokwuru was bold and fearless, accommodating and humble beyond measure. He […]

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(Opinion) Inside National Parks: Thoughts On Goni Ibrahim By  Frank Meke

    Nigerian National Park Service was established by Military Decree 36 of 1991, with five unit Parks , Kanji Lake, Gashaka Gumti, Old Oyo , Chad Basin and Cross River National Parks, at the forefront of what can be described as Nigeria practical effort to protect and manage its natural flora and fauna ecosystem. […]

(Opinion) NANTA: Profiling Electoral Model For Nigeria By Frank Meke

In the 46th years of its glorious existence, the National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies ( NANTA), has enthroned a rancour free electoral system, which is worthy and beneficial to our nation and people, desiring peaceful transition and transmission of infectious governance model. Though critics of this political timeline, may debate membership figures as infinitesimal […]