Tourism Agencies Merger: A conspiracy In Silence By Frank Meke 

    The expected merger of national tourism agencies architecture is an earthquake of sort, discussed in covens and temples of certain overlords, whose interests borders on getting jobs for the boys. There is no bearing for national good and development, just pure pursuit of selfish interests and political survival. President Muhammadu Buhari certainly wish […]

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(OPINION) Awakening The Giant Of Africa: The Clarion Call By Remigius Ekeh

    “Where there is love, there is neither prejudice nor war nor strive nor pains nor any evil at all. Love engenders peace and justice; and makes the bond between persons, groups and nations strong. Let us light the flame of love in all the corners of the universe” There is no doubt that […]

(OPINION) : The Sinking Boats of Sanwo-0lu By Idu Bello 

    Lagferry, unarguably Nigeria’s poster boy in strategic movement of persons on water for logistics, and recreation is a template desirable for municipal littoral city state such as Lagos. Originally conceived during the military era of Raji Rasaki as “uniformed Jack and boot “governor of Lagos, restructured by Bola Ahmed Tinubu and given a greater lease […]

(Opinion) Nigerian Tourism And Its Many  Odds By Frank Meke 

    To say Nigerian tourism sector, is depressive, is to possibly admit, that it takes hammer and caterpillar to break down walls. Indeed, the more, we look up to greater opportunities, the more the finger of darkness, pulls us down. I do not believe in the Nigerian statistics features, its tourism projections, its Nostradamus shenanigans and […]

(Opinion) Ezra Yakusak:  Eyes On Nigeria Non Export Oil Well By Frank Meke 

Nigeria’s non-oil export value chain pegged at N3. 8 trillion, an economic recovery effort tied round the mandate of Dr. Ezra Yakusak. Dr. Yakusak is the Chief Executive, Nigeria Export Promotion Council(NEPC), an institution responsible for the promotion of Nigeria’s vast non-oil sector.  Unassuming and proactive in harnessing human and materials resources, this uncommon Nigerian, who […]

(Opinion) FTAN And Call To Bail The Tourism Cat By Frank Meke

    Last week, the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria(FTAN) sent a petition to government and people of Nigeria, on the parlous state of tourism in Nigeria.  The association, representing sub sector tourism bodies such as National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies(NANTA) Nigeria Hotel and Catering Institute, Association Tourist Boat Operators and Water Transporters, Association of […]

(Opinion) Nkereuwem Onung: Why Tourism Votes Must Count By Frank Meke

    Nigerian Tourism remains the most talked about sector before and after any dinner outing.  Check through the social media and within organised and unofficial quarters, the heavy dosage of lip and eye service devoted to what and how this sector can play, rightly, roles of socioeconomic engagement is legendary. During the military era, […]

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Opinion) Nkereweum Onung: Getting Nigeria Across West Coast Tourism By Frank Meke 

  The Confederation of Private (sector)Organisations of Tourism (COPITOUR)in the Economic Community of West African States(ECOWAS) is the long awaited answer to anxieties of collaboration within the West African countries. Let us take a head count of these countries, some English speaking and others, French speaking, different regional  socioeconomic and political alliance and allegiance, yet same black […]

(Opinion) NCAA Under Capt. Musa Nuhu’s Watch–By Sam Adurogboye

    The strong but reassuring leadership of Capt. Musa Nuhu keeps Nigeria’s civil aviation on course with the just concluded 7th African Indian Ocean (AFI) Regional Meeting in Abuja. “In a gentle way, you can shake the world”-  Mahatma Gandhi. Permit me to start this conversation with a reference to the statement credited to […]

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Race To Nikki: Thank You Mr. President By Frank Meke 

I have indeed been privileged to eat and dine with kings and princes. The good book says God will so direct the feet of those whom He loves to so experience such encounter(s). In doing so, I have learnt to listen more to kings and princes share their thoughts and ideas about many issues of […]