Kila Calls For Public Inquiry Into Nigeria Air


…Urges Operators, Stakeholders  To  Question New Govt. On Nigeria Air

Policy Analyst and Professor of Strategy and Development, Anthony Kila, has advised  the President Bola Tinubu  Federal Government to institute an independent public inquiry into the controversial Nigeria Air.

He added that the Inquiry should be charged to examine and make public the conception, process negotiations, partnerships, expenses and parties involved the Nigeria Air project.

Kila, who is also a Commonwealth Institute Director and author of many policy papers on aviation made the call during a panel discussion on at the weekend on Arise Television anchored by Dr. Reuben Abati in the company of Mr. Chike Ogea, a former Managing Director of the Skypower Aviation Handling Company Limited (SAHCOL) and David Aworawo a Professor of International Relations and Strategic Studies, who were also guest on the programme.

The renowned scholar in a statement noted that the, “Nigeria Air project has generated too much controversy and has now become a source of public concern rather than the laudable achievement it was planned to be due to the way it has been handled so far with stakeholders alleging a series of malpractices and calling attention to an un-respected court pronouncement”.

According to Kila the best institutional response to give in this circumstance “is for the government to create an independent and authoritative public inquiry that will allow all those who have issues and questions about the Nigeria Air project to table their concerns, give those involved in the project to respond without fear or intimidation and for all interested Nigerians to know what really happened and what to expect from the project”.

Kila also urged operators and other stakeholders in the aviation and related sectors to find ways of organising themselves into a visible force that will ask the new government to shed light on the Nigeria Air project.

Such action according to Kila will be a national duty for experts and stakeholders as well as a test for the new government as a request for an independent and authoritative public inquiry into a sensitive and important project like this one will give many hopeful and neutral observers an informed insight into how the new administration wants to treat experts and stakeholders in aviation and other sectors.


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