Stakeholders Rally Round Aviation Journalists, Unveil New Book On Air Transport

* From left: Director of Aerodrome Airspace Standard, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Representing of DG NCAA, Engr. Tayib Odunowo; Author of the Book, Mr. Chinedu Eze; Chief Launcher of the Book, Chairman Airpeace, Chief Allen Onyema; Author of the Book, Olusegun Koiki and Book Reviewer, Manager Public Affairs, National Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB), Mr. Tunji Oketunbi, during the Chinedu and Olusegun Public Presentation of a Book on Air Transportation in Nigeria: the Lingering Expectation in Lagos

The Chairman of Air Peace, Barrister Allen Onyema has said that he totally agree with the authors of the book, “Air Transportation in Nigeria: The Lingering Expectations” Olusegun Koiki and Chinedu Eze both aviation journalists that policy somersault is one of the critical challenges bedeviling the aviation industry.

Onyema, who is the Chief Launcher at the unveiling of the new  book, which was graced by Chief Executive Officers of agencies  in the aviation sector, said that though he did not agree with all what he has read in the book but that he totally agreed with them on policy somersault. 

The book, “Air Transportation in Nigeria: The Lingering Expectations” should be recommended for aviation stakeholders as it touched on critical areas of the aviation industry.

He said that the book could not have been launched at a better time than now, adding that stakeholders have a lot to learn from the book.

Onyema said that from what he has read, the authors displayed their neutrality in the book as unbiased umpire by stating the facts.

Earlier, the reviewer of the book, the General Manager of Public Affairs, Mr. Tunji Oketunbi said that the book focused on several topics that have been affecting the industry.

Oketunbi listed some of the very critical topics to include: the birth of Aviation Agencies, Nigeria Airways, Deregulations of Nigeria’s Aviation Industry, Policy Formulation, Policy Summersault and Interference among others.

He said that in these topic, the authors did what they were supposed to do without being biased

The book, the Reviewer said look at the topic Policy Summersault extensively, which he said has been drawing the Nigerian aviation industry backward, adding that apart from that the book also looked at airlines using the wrong equipment for the right route which airlines were practising those days but that presently airline operators are now using right equipment for the right route.

Reviewing the book further, Oketunbi, said that the authors also looked at interference of government in the running of the agency by the various Chief Executive Officers of the agencies.

On his part, the Director General of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Capt. Musa Nuhu, who was represented at the unveiling by the Director of Aerodrome Airspace Standard, Engr. Tayib Odunowo, posited that what attracted him while going through the book is the phrase, ‘The Lingering Expectations’

Odunowo argued that some of the challenges facing the aviation sector in Nigeria are beyond the industry’s control.

He cited Foreign Exchange(Forex) and scarcity of Aviation fuel also known as Jet A-1as issues the industry does not have control over that have been lingering .

He added that the title of the book also attracted his attention as according to him NCAA had to ensure the compliance of the three ‘A’s: which includes the airline, the airports and the airspace.

Also commenting on the book, the former Managing Director of Arik Air, Chris Ndulue, said that the challenges facing the industry today as highlighted in the book,were the same factors affecting the sector five years ago ,concluding that  nothing has changed.

He commended the authors for contributing their quota to the development of the industry by documenting these challenges in writing.

Several aviation stakeholders including CEO’s attended the book launch

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