NIS Comptroller Bayelsa Command Receives Brigade Commander 16th Brigade Brigadier General Yakassai



The Nigeria Immigration Service(NIS) Bayelsa State Command   today received the Brigadier General SY Yakassai the Brigade Commander 16th Brigade and Sector 2 Operation Delta Safe who is on a Courtesy Visit to the Command.

According to Comptroller, NIS Bayelsa Command, James Sunday, the visit also opens up new front in synergising towards ensuring a safer Bayelsa and the areas under the jurisdictions of the 16th Brigade and the Sector 2 Operation Delta Safe.

He said that the NIS has component support operatives on the Joint Task Force of Operation Delta Safe.

The visit, he informed will cement existing relationship and bridge the gap in intelligence gathering and sharing, joint operation where necessary and other national duty where the NIS Bayelsa State Command will have course to work side by side the Brigade

The Brigade Commander, who did not waste time in appreciating the initiative and leadership skills exhibited by the Comptroller of NIS in the state in the on- going Operation Flush out of Irregular Migrants in Bayelsa State, which according him has reshaped the security architecture of the state with respect to removing elements that would have constituted security menace and concern due to their diverse and several involvements in unregistered businesses.

He hinted that as undocumented migrants their record of stay in Bayelsa will go unnoticed should there be any crime involving any of such elements and they will disappear without a trace.

The exercise, the Bayelsa NIS Comptroller said has taken care of such fear as everyone apprehended is interviewed, documented and those with genuine cases are treated on merit while those with high degree default are penciled for easing out through an approved entry points closest to where they came into the country from and where they entered through an approved entry point.

He said that they are to pass through same route after documentation at the point of exit.  This exercise, he reiterated is a routine one and that the Command hope to keep the tempo of checking out for the irregular migrants on a continuous basis until the state is rid of such.

He said that every non-Nigerian must play by the rule of law governing their legal stay as regular migrants to perform their legitimate businesses and reside as registered migrants on the e- migrants’ platform of the NIS Bayelsa State Command.

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