Scammers’ Activities : Ethiopian Airlines  Warns Passengers To Beware

Ethiopian Airline's A350 WB aircraft

Ethiopian Airlines has warmed passengers to beware of the increasing activities of scammers who post fake promotions and payment platforms in Nigeria for different Airlines.

An online statement signed by the
General Manager Ethiopian Airlines Nigeria,Shimeles Arage, said activities of these scammers necessitated a notice to travellers and the public to beware of these criminals.

In view of this, the management of  Ethiopian Airlines is appealing to the public to always crosscheck the website and payment advice sent to them as many travellers are falling victim to these scammers
“It has come to our notice that scammers and hackers are setting up fake websites with similar names to ours to deceive passengers. Our official website is and you can download our app for easier and safer transactions.

Ethiopian Airlines will not call you for payment or ask you to pay into any account. Ethiopian Airlines have offices in four cities in Nigeria and can be reached at the international airports in Kano, Enugu, Abuja and Lagos. Please do crosscheck all links before making payments.”


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