(Opinion) Ezra Yakusak:  Eyes On Nigeria Non Export Oil Well By Frank Meke 

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Nigeria’s non-oil export value chain pegged at N3. 8 trillion, an economic recovery effort tied round the mandate of Dr. Ezra Yakusak.

Dr. Yakusak is the Chief Executive, Nigeria Export Promotion Council(NEPC), an institution responsible for the promotion of Nigeria’s vast non-oil sector.  Unassuming and proactive in harnessing human and materials resources, this uncommon Nigerian, who spent his years at the Export House, brings a new vista in the strategic intervention and interpretation to breaking the N3.8 trillion trademark revenue programmed for this yet to be fully exploited economy chain.

Since his appointment, Ezra Yakusak whom many observers and industry players, described as the unseen power house of NEPC, due his patriotic initiatives and interventions in affairs the Council, having served the nation as Youth Corper 1991 and through the years on engagement, helped brought far reaching policy overview and changes which transformed the organisation as the driver of our nation’s focal effort in the industry.

No doubt, his experience as a lawyer, strategic management specialist and administrator, counts on the strength of his game plan for Nigeria non export businesses and endowment, this Kaduna born, trailblazer in analytical communication and sensitisation, enthroned over the rebranding of NEPC activities under ‘Export 4 Survival Campaign.’

Yakusak’s message is simple, focused and evangelical. All hands on deck, all agencies of government with an economic window capturing non export products and services, re-engineered for the good of the nation and people.

“It is a call for Nigerians to realise the urgency of engaging in non-oil trade as a viable means of economic growth, poverty alleviation, industrial development and boosting of our foreign earnings” Dr. Ezra Yakusak is wont to tell us.

Interestingly, the battle to wade through the forest of ignorance of this all important call to reexamine the nation’s preparedness to reform and redefine non-oil export earnings, forms the fulcrum of ‘Export 4 Survival’ initiative and to which Dr. Ezra Yakusak hope to break the poor awareness of opportunities in the sector and benefits in the export of made in Nigeria goods and services.

As an author, strategic communication and education life giver, no doubt this ‘Export4Survival’ agenda, must be deliberately driven by a media community, well trained and retrained to harness, interpret and provide superior arguments for Nigeria non Export products in the global marketplace.

Deserving and hardly in contention, Nigeria’s  banquet of non-export products from agriculture,  arts and crafts,  culinary expressions, apparels and fashion,  music,  culture and startups in technology and manufacturing,  ranks top ladder in world market,  yet brand finishing, products packaging, needs NEPC seed growth support, and trade mark.

It is on this note, we believe Dr Ezra Yakusak, should factor the yoke breaking anointing oil on the slow pace of the business, power and support an aggressive media campaign, educating investors, producers and promoters of non-oil export value chain to full realisation of the N3.8 trillion benchmark for the sector.

Yes, ‘Export 4 Survival’ campaign has taken firm root outside our clime, with NEPC in headline participation in global trade shows. However, the home front, local chambers of commerce, local trade show facilitators, government agencies and private sector, specialised non- export promotion festivals and local governments, must also be part of this call to the promised land of Nigeria non- export economy.

We commend the ‘Export 4 Survival’ agenda of Dr. Ezra Yakusak and call for more robust engagement with verifiable stakeholders across board and praying in distant future, NEPC, under Dr. Ezra Yakusak, will gain us the revenue benchmark expected from this new non- oil wealth.

Frank Meke, a Media and Tourism Consultant writes from Lagos.

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