Alleged N2.9B Fraud: Kenneth Amadi Pays A-Z , Ammasco Monies Into Eunisell’s Account — Chika Ikenga pop



* Chika Ikenga


In continuation of cross examination in the trial of Mr Kenneth Amadi over alleged N2.9 billion fraud, the Managing Director of Eunisell Limited Mr Chika Ikenga has told a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos that the money paid to Mr Kenneth Amadi through his company came from A-Z and Ammasco .

He said that however, the money was paid into Eunisell account by the 2nd defendant

When put to him that there were payments into Eunisell account, but his problem was that the money were paid by 1st and 2nd defendants, he said ‘yes’,

When asked if Eunisell in writing demanded explanation from the defendants why AZ made payments to them instead of Eunisell, Mr Ikenga said “we did not do that”.

Chika Ikenga was testifying as first prosecution witness in the charge brought against 1st and 2nd defendants by the Attorney-General of the Federation.

He was being cross examined by O.J. Akinwale, defence counsel for Mr Kenneth Amadi and IDID before Justice Ambrose Lewis Allagoa.

Mrs Aderonke Imana announced appearance for prosecution while Mr O.J. Akinwale who took over from Mr Emeka Etiaba (SAN) announced appearance for defence.

“We received some money from first defendant and he told us that they came from A-Z and Ammasco. As the CEO, we took his words for that.”

When asked if the money received was returned since it didn’t come direct from A-Z and Ammasco, the witness said “No, we just complained to the Police and EFCC”

Defence counsel: How much is A-Z Petroleum owing your company as at 17th February, 2017 ?

Ikenga: N103 million

Defence counsel: They are not owing N2.9 billion ?

Ikenga: He received N2.9 billion into his account without authorization.

Defence counsel: How much was Ammasco International owing as at 17th February 2017

Ikenga: I wouldn’t say because we continued to do business with Amasco and they were paying us. I will have to check our records. However at the point when the first defendant had left our employment and we called Ammasco, I think they were owing about N400 and something million.

Defence counsel: And they agreed they are owing that money ?

Ikenga: Yes, they did agree.

Defence counsel: The money paid to 1st and 2nd defendants came from A-Z Petroleum and Ammasco and not from Eunisell account?

Ikenga: They came from A-Z and Amasco and not from Eunisell account.

Defence counsel: How regular do you check and reconcile customer’s credit account? Is it monthly, quarterly or yearly ?

Ikenga: We would generally reconcile those accounts yearly, however our C E O was also in charge of the accounts. We just barely take his words and that formed a large part of our reconciliation.

Defence counsel: Is the 1st and 2nd defendants a signatory or mandate to the account of Eunisell ?

Ikenga: The first and second defendants are not, however they are also not authorized to receive our money.

Defence counsel: You are also not a director nor officer of Lubrizon.

Ikenga: I am not.

When further asked if he tendered any document to court showing payment details, he said ‘no’ but it was given to the police for their investigation.

The witness confirmed that there was no letter from either A-Z or Ammasco to Eunisell stating that first and second defendants are being fraudulent.

When further asked if he has seen the response of A-Z to the police after his petition, the witness said “Yes. At this point, the letter from A-Z to the police was shown to the witness which he confirmed.

The witness told the court that before he set up Eunisell, he worked with Ibachem Limited, a joint venture between Oteri Holdings and a company in USA. He said Oteri Holdings was owned by Ibru.

The defence counsel concluded his cross examination of the witness. The witness was then discharged by the trial judge.

The matter has been adjourned to January 20 and 21 for continuation of trial.

Meanwhile, Mr Emeka Etiaba (SAN) who was the lead defence counsel for the defendant, announced before the presiding judge that he was disengaging himself from continuing as counsel for the defendants.
He cited wrong media reports of the case as one of his reasons for withdrawing his services to the defendants.

When the judge asked first defendant if he needs adjournment in order to get another lawyer, Mr Amadi told the court that he wants the second defence counsel, Mr O.J. Akinwale to continue.

The judge then granted the prayers of Etiaba to disengage from the matter.

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