I have No Document Showing That Kenneth Amadi Defrauded Eunisell, Says Chika Ikenga



The Managing director of Eunisell Ltd, Mr Chika Ikenga on Friday told a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos that he has no document to show that the Kenneth Amadi (1st defendant) defrauded Eunisell Ltd.

Chika Ikenga is the prosecution witness (PW1) in the trial of Mr Kenneth Amadi charged by police for alleged alterations and diversion of Eunisell’s money to his company.

He started his evidence in chief led by the prosecutor Mrs Adorenke Umana at the last hearing date and thereafter, the defence counsel Mr Emeka Etiaba ( SAN) commenced his cross examination but could not conclude it.
Justice Ambrose Allagoa adjourned the matter to November 15 and 16 for continuation of cross examination.

On the said dates, the matter could not go on due to absence of the trial judge. The matter was subsequently adjourned to November 19 for continuation of cross examination.

At the resumed trial of the case on Friday November 19, the prosecutor told the court that the matter is for continuation of trial , adding that she is ready subject to court’s convenience.

In continuation of his cross examination, the defence counsel, reminded the witness that he was still on oath.

In answer to a question as to whether Eunisell employed 1st defendant as a sales representative or salesman, the witness said that Kenneth Amadi was employed as a sales representative.

When asked to confirm if the $4000 he claimed to have paid 1st defendant was a bonus for hardwork, the witness said it was part of 1st defendant’s salary.

Defence counsel: Do you have any document to show?

Witness: I don’t have any document to show now but I am sure the Human Resources Department can have it.

Defence counsel: Do you know if 1st defendant has personal relationship with Amasco and AZ companies.?

Witness: I do not know.

Defence counsel: Are you aware that they responded by way of letter to your enquiry?

Witness: Am afraid I do not recall that.

When you reported the alleged diversion of Eunisell’s money to the police for investigation, did the investigator recommend 1st defendant for trial?

Witness: That is why we are in court.

The defence counsel further asked the witness to tell the court whether he has any document to show that 1st defendant defrauded his company. The witness answered in the negative.

He further said that1st defendant was not part of the audit when the books of the company was audited.

Defence counsel: I put it to you that you don’t have any document to show that 1st defendant defrauded your company.
And also AZ and Amasco did not complain that they were defrauded.

The witness told the court that he was not complaining that the 1st defendant has another business as nothing stops him from doing so.

When asked to produce the report of the IGP that the matter be reinvestigated, Mr Ikenga said that he has given it to the prosecution.

He also admitted that Justice Taiwo Taiwo of Federal High Court Abuja dismissed his application seeking to quash the earlier judgement delivered to arraign him and two others for criminal charge.

He however said that they have appealed against the ruling.

At this point, the defence counsel said, that was all for day for the witness.

The matter was adjourned till December 9 and 10 for continuation of cross examination.

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