Sterling Bank, Ogun Cargo Airport,Insurance Coys To Exhibit At Chinet Aviacargo Expo

* Commissioner of Finance and the Chief Economic Adviser Ogun State, Dapo Okubadejo

As part of efforts to reinforce its emerging position as the biggest supporter of transport and travel business in Nigeria, Sterling Bank, Nigeria’s most innovative financial institution  and  the emerging Cargo Airport at Ogun State will showcase  at Chinet Aviacargo Expo.

According to  the Publisher, Atqnews, Mr. Ikechi Uko, organisers of the August event, Sterling Bank is partnering with the First Aviation and Cargo Conference to help grow export and cargo business through the airports.

He said that Nigeria imports tonnes of cargo by air every day but exports very little by air.

Similarly, he added that freighters arrive Nigerian airports every day fully laden but leave empty and to address this problem the Chinet Aviacargo Conference is bringing together top players in aviation,logistics,export and support businesses to a 2 day conference and exhibition in Lagos.

Sterling Bank, he informed, has been consistent in engaging entrepreneurs and startups in the trade and travel sectors of the economy, adding that the Aviacargo Conference provides another opportunity to further engage with stakeholders.

According to the Managing Director of Sterling Bank, Abubakar Suleiman “Aviation is a key part of the transportation sector in Nigeria. And as the T in our HEART strategy, our commitment to growing the Transportation sector, as with health, education, agriculture and renewable energy in Nigeria remains total as we believe in the importance of these towards Nigeria’s economic rebirth and prosperity.”

The organiser said that just like Sterling Bank, the Ogun Cargo Airport will also showcase its capabilities at Chinet Expo.

He pointed out that the state’s  Commissioner of Finance and the Chief Economic Adviser of the state, Dapo Okubadejo will be at the Expo to engage aviation and cargo experts on the advanced plan and implementation of the Ogun Cargo Airport Project.

The  conference will also have the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Aviation Senator, Smart Adeyemi and his House of Reps Committee Counterpart Honourable Nnolim Nnaji as Special Guests of Honour.

Also to be at the August event are regulatory agencies, which   includes : The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria(FAAN),Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority(NCAA),Nigerian Export Promotion Council(NEPC) will be joined by the Standard Organisations of Nigeria(SON)Nigerian Investment Promotion Council(NIPC)and the Nigerian Export Processing Zones Authority(NEPZA)in the-two-day stakeholder engagement.

The Chinet Expo which is coming up on August 25th and 26th, 2021 is expected to raise a checklist of actionable plans that will enable government,exporters and cargo handlers to improve on the existing situation.

A leading exporter, Capt. John Okakpu, who is the Head of the Agro Set Up Committee will be sharing his experience at the event.

The 30-Man-Committee constituted  by the Federal Ministry of Trade is expected to take goods from the farm to the table.

The  Export Group of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) will be well represented at the event.

Insurance heavyweights including the National Insurance Commissioner have teamed up to engage with aviation and logistics stakeholders at the upcoming Aviation and Cargo Conference CHINET 21 in Lagos.

The insurance session will be led by the Lead Speaker on the Role of Insurance in Aviation Business,Chief Babajide Olatunde-Agbeja  Chairman Boff & Company Insurance Brokers Ltd.

There have been growing complaints  among aviation stakeholders that insurance companies in Nigeria lack the capacity to handle aviation business in Nigeria.

These complaints  include that of the  high premiums paid by Nigerian airlines to foreign insurance companies which keeps rising every year because of presumed country risk issues.

Airlines claim that the high cost of insurance is passed onto the passengers and the Nigerian economy is also not benefiting from the prevailing system.

Olatunde-Agbeja will bring his over 40 years experience at the highest level of insurance brokerage to the conference.

He will be supported by leading insurance companies and their chief executives.

The session on Insurance will Include  questions and answers to effectively engage the players in the entire value chain of aviation.

With the involvement of more stakeholders, who are  signing up for the  Aviation, Cargo and Export Conference in Nigeria, the organisers say only registered delegates will be allowed into the Venue . In line with COVID-19 protocols in Lagos State, all delegates must register and receive their tags before August 10.

This is as NEPC, the apex body in charge of promoting export in Nigeria  and NEPZA will be making  presentations on how exporters can be assisted to do more through aviation.

The gazetting of four airports as Export Processing Zones bring to fore the importance of NEPZA to the growth of aviacargo in Nigeria.

NEPZA will be at CHINET to showcase the opportunities available to investors at the airports.

NEPC and NEPZA will be joining  FAAN and Ethiopian Airlines as major partners of  the first Aviacargo event in Nigeria.

The two leading aviation cargo and logistics companies in Nigeria,Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) Aviance Plc and Skyway Aviation Handling Company(SAHCO) Plc will be major players at this event along with many airlines,logistics and global financial service companies.

According to the organisers, the event, the first of its kind, is coming up on August the 25th and 26th  2021 in Lagos.

Recall that since 1935, aviation has been growing in Nigeria and with so many airlines and airports it is expected that aviation should and would contribute more to the nation’s economy.

Speaking further, the Conveners of this event Atqnews, a global pan African travel news organisation said that that the conference is long overdue.

In its introductory message, the conveners said, “Nigeria, a country with over 200 million resourceful people depends a lot on imports which has been eroding the national wealth. A lot of airlines bring freighters fully laden daily to Nigeria and most of them fly out empty. There is therefore a need to reverse this dysfunctional scenario. Nigeria needs to export more and Aviation should be  the key to increasing exports.

To this end Atqnews seeks to convene an annual conference that brings all potential Exporters, Cargo managers, Logistics firms, Airlines, Airports, Customs and everyone in the Aviation and Cargo ecosystem to chart a pathway that enables Nigerians to export more. As the importance of oil wanes, the value and volume of non-oil exports should be growing and  aviation should be driving it.”

The conference which will have an exhibition part will be broken into  three parts over two days, Aviation, Cargo and Exports.

The aviation aspect will have a presentation and panel discussion on ‘Airlines,Airports and Aviation’.

Experts including  airline CEOs,past airport CEOs and aviators will discuss the reasons why our airlines and airport systems have not delivered the best possible outcomes for aviation in Nigeria.

The second section on cargo will be a presentation and panel discussions on the Cargo and Logistics Value Chain, the Challenges of Scale and the Opportunities available.

The third part will be on export.

How do we scale our export capacity? How do we  remove the impediments and improve our access and market penetration globally.

There will be a support session on insurance and financing of aviation, cargo and export in Nigeria.

According to the Publisher Atqnews, Mr. Ikechi Uko organisers of the event, at the end of the 2 day event  “We will be leaving the event with enough Knowledge about the current aviation situation in Nigeria and its role in growing the economy  by driving bigger cargo exports from Nigeria. With this understanding of the cargo and export systems we can integrate our systems by networking and learning from each other as problems shared eventually become problems solved.”

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