N19B,$7M Debts : NCAA Reaches Compromise  With Airlines To Reconcile Accounts, Work Out Payment Plans




The  Director General of  the Nigerian  Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Capt.Musa Nuhu has stated that it had reached agreememt  with airline operators in the country to ensure that debts N19 billion  and $7 million owed the agencies   are reconciled and payment plan agreed on that would be favourable to all  parties.

This is just as he also said that it has increase its regional offices from six to nine .

He disclosed these while briefing the House Committee on Aviation led by Honourable ,Nnolim Nnaji at the agency’s headquarters

Speaking further, he stated that between now and 2024, it would be developing all its regional offices providing adequate training and manpower to ensure that the regulatory agency provides its services in all books and cranny of the country.

Nuhu,  who enumerated immediate needs of the NCAA said that the regulator understands the difficulty occasioned by the pandemic and would  institute a payment plan that woyld be favourable to both the agency and operators.

Speaking on  developing  regional offices to reduce the cumbersome nature of regulation and ensure its gets to the operators,Nuhu said,  “We are empowering five regional offices to ensure the the job in smaller areas get done and they do not have to refer to Lagos or Abuja. It brings regulation closer to the operators outside Lagos and Abuja opening more regional offices in the far reaches of the country.

” Already Port Harcourt takes care of of the south East and south-south buyer are looking at opening a regional office in Enugu for the South East. We are looking at another one in either Maiduguri or Yola for the North East, Ilorin for the middle-belt and Uyo or Calabar for the South-South.”

The NCAA boss also explained that training for the inspectors and other regulatory staff are key to the agency and that the NCAA was competing for manpower especially pilots and engineers with airlines that pay better .

He however said it was key because these inspectors with the CAA needed training and re-training to be better or  at par with the trends in the industry .

He added that it would help the inspectors to do their job better and that the only way to retain these pilots and engineers was to make the remuneration nearly at par with the airlines to keep them.

Speaking, the Chairman House Committee on Aviation,Honourable Nnolim Nnaji said the House was at NCAA to carry out its oversight function and  that the committee would look at what the NCAA has done and intends to do with what as been allocated and would be allocated to them

He also commended the NCAA for a job well done especially during the peak of the pandemic and how the regulatory agency handled it

NCAA , he said is very critical agency in the sector and  that as such  the committee will support  the regulatory body when the need be.

According  to hin,”I am also happy you said NCAA dont want to be the Policeman of the industry but partner in progress to all the stakeholders .This is vey good because if you are hostile to airline operators,they may be forced to cutcorners.

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