COVID-19 :Journalists Are Essential Workers,Have Significant Role To Play–Lagos CP

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The Lagos State Police Command has stated that journalists have  significant roles to play and are part of those “essential workers” in combating the spread of the COVID-19, as explained by the Federal Government.
The Command’s clarification came on the heels of insinuations making around that journalists are not part of the essential people allowed to drive or move around during the curfew in the State.
The Command said that the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, CP Hakeem Odumoso has on several occasions stated that he never mentioned journalists as not being part of the essential duty workers.
Recalled that the CP during the odd hours had paved ways for journalists trapped in the traffic in the State e.g journalists from Channels TV, Lagos Television and others.
These journalists, the Command said were caught up in long stretched traffic and the CP’s personally alighted to clear the traffic for them so as to ease their movements, this is at odd hours of the day
CP Odumosu had earlier, also cleared some newspapers circulation vans,who were held up in the traffic as a result of the curfew in the State.
The newspaper agents, the Command said were immediately cleared as part of “essential duty workers” thus posing the question as to why a journalist would not be cleared as essential duty.
“In these period when the COVID 19 pandemic rages, information via the fourth Estate of the realm is essential, as the public needs to be reached with relevant and timely information via all available medium. This makes the role of journalists key in the fight to overcome this pandemic ravaging the whole world.
“The command wishes to state unequivocally that every journalist with a valid identity card is certified to move and discharge his or her duty as an essential duties officer. All Policemen and security agents are hereby instructed to cooperate with and accord journalists and other essential duty workers such as medical personnel, oil and gas personnel, key banking sector workers, etc, the right to free movement without delay.
“The Command’s position is well expressed in this directive.  More so, that we would be able to work together and concertedly  to achieve success over the COVID 19 pandemic,”the Command said.

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