JIFORM Tasks African Leaders On Good Governance, Irregular Migration



The Journalists International Forum for Migration (JIFORM) has called on African leaders deliver quality governance and stem the tide of irregular migration in the continent by encouraging local or home industrialization to provide jobs for the teaming youths and lessen the dependency on foreign goods.

The call is contained in a comprehensive communiqué released at the just conclude second edition of 3-day virtual summit with the theme, “Migration; Post Covid-19 Era : The Role of  stakeholders” to  update its over 150 members across the continent reporting migration and championing advocacy against irregular migration, human, trafficking and crisis leading to the internal displacement of citizens in nations.

Participants at event included International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Gambia, Shingirai Vambe, Journalist and the Publisher of The Post on Sunday, Zimbabwe, Nigeria Immigration Service, Nigerians In Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM).

Others who graced the event are former President, Nigeria Union of Journalists, Mr .Abdul-Waheed Odusile and Professor Kanu Ikechukwu Anthony, O.S.A, the Rector of Villanova Polytechnic, Imesi-Ile, Osun State.

President/ Executive Director of JIFORM, Ajibola Abayomi while sharing details of the report in a statement, said, “It has become imperative to sensitise our members and the public on the implication of COVID-19 on the economy and migration and what should be done to safe guard nations post the pandemic era.

“We are of the belief that the reality of the current situation should humble especially the African continent to have a rethink on quality governance. For years, the leadership on the continent have embraced corruption as a way of life by abandoning investment in agriculture, education, infrastructure, commerce and industry, health and social security for the masses.

“While we are convinced that the pandemic days are numbered if all health procedures and scientific steps are adopted, JIFORM salutes the courage of health workers, the media and all organizations striving to put the current situation under control.

“Thus, we are demanding that journalist should be list among the frontliners at his critical period and all necessary palliatives, financial supports and insurance packages should be provided for journalists and other volunteers covering the disease.”

The JIFORM President added that it was expedient for many African nations to stem the tide of irregular migration, by encouraging local or home industrialization to provide jobs for the teaming youths and lessen the dependency on foreign goods.

Other recommendations made by JIFORM at the end of the summit are that:

  • Nations should adopt inclusive approach to include provision for the health care for migrants irrespective of their status whether regular or irregular.
  • Nations should avoid the stigmatization of migrants as carriers of the disease.
  • Governments in Africa especially in Nigeria should ensure timely evacuation of citizens that had expressed the desire to return home during the current pandemic irrespective of their migrants’ status.
  • Nations should go beyond lip service to agriculture development and evolve policies and schemes that would encourage farmers to grow food bank as alternative to importation of food, especially in Africa.
  • Employers should explore possibility of employment terms renegotiation with loyal and dedicated employees instead of terminating their appointments. We must emphasize Employers’ loyalty as this has great consequences on the future of every organization.

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