Easter : Conservator-General Felicitates With Christians, Preaches Love

* Conservator-General (CG), National Park Service (NPS), Dr. Ibrahim Musa Goni,

…Urges Nigerians To Stand Together To Prevent Spread Of COVID-19

The Conservator-General (CG), National Park Service (NPS), Dr. Ibrahim Musa Goni, has congratulated Christians across Nigeria as they begin the celebration of the 2020 Easter holiday today.

He congratulatory was contained in a statement issued by the CG through his Media Assistant Mr. Yakubu Zull.

The statement quoted the  CG  as saying that Easter is one of the most important feasts in the Christian calendar that Christians across the globe use to celebrate the redemptive plan of God for humanity over darkness, despair and evil in the world.

According to him, “The plan which culminates into the resurrection of Jesus Christ ensures victory of humanity over death and is also a time for Christians to emulate the virtues of love, sacrifice, forgiveness, humility, courage and endurance which Christ embodied and remarkably demonstrated during His ministry on earth.”

The CG called on Christians and Nigerians in general to use the season to show love to their neighbours and pray for Nigeria and the World over Covid-19, that is ravaging humanity at the moment.

”It is a disease caused by a kind of Coronavirus, which first originated in Wuhan, China in December, 2019 and was subsequently declared as public world  health emergency and pandemic as it continues to claim lives every day. Globally, the current total number of people confirmed with the virus stood at 1, 521, 252 out of which the number of deaths has exceeded 100,000  and more than 372,000 recoveries with Italy, Spain, USA etc topping the list of countries badly affected inspite of reports of some recoveries on daily basis. Nigeria is not left out as it also has cases of infection from the virus to a total of 305 with 58 recoveries and 7 deaths today”.

The CG while facilitating with Christians and Nigerians in general on the Easter holiday urged them to celebrate the season at home, avoid public gathering of more than 20 individuals, handshakes and observe simple hygiene of constant hand washing or use of sanitizer to stem the spread of C0VID-19 in Nigeria.

“Nigerians must stand together in fighting against the spread of COVID-19 as this is a disease that does not know politics or the  demographic differences among Nigerians. This is the time Nigerians must put such differences aside and obey the simple instructions given by World Health Organisation/Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria to avoid scourges of the disease which is already crippling the world economy.”

He called on all Conservators of Parks in Nigeria to further ensure that people comply with his earlier instructions to suspend all group bookings and visits, ensure no overnight stay by visitors, no Easter celebrations or gathering inside the parks, no parties of any sort, weddings among others.

“We are expected to continue our essential operations, however, as much as possible, efforts must be made to ensure that visitors coming to the parks in crowd exceeding the recommended number are not permitted”.

“We called on all park visitors and Nigerians in general as they celebrate this year Easter to comply with all the rules and cooperate with parks management to help curtail the spread of the virus in Nigeria and save lives.”

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