NUC Discovers 100 Fake Profs. In Nigerian Universitie



…Says Lecturers Are Not Allowed To Lecture In More Than Two Universities

Fight Against Fake Professors A Collective Responsibility–Rasheed

The Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), Prof. Abubakar Adamu Rasheed, has revealed that the Commission has discover close to 100 fake professors in Nigerian universities

This is just as he stated that the practice where lecturers lecture in three to four universities must stop, adding that lecturers were not allowed to lecture in more than two universities.

Prof Rasheed said their details were posted on the NUC website and the commission had to send the names to the various universities for verification. This is contained a recent bulletin of NUC.

Rasheed made this known his in the November edition of the NUC’s bulletin.

The NUC  Executive Secretary, who commended the Vice Chancellors for the cooperation and support  for  NUC Strategy Advisory Committee (STRADVCOM)that published, among other things, directory of full professors in the Nigeria University System (NUS); statistical Digest of the NUS 2017-2018; refinement and modernisation of instruments for accreditation of undergraduate, postgraduate, part-time, affiliate, open and distance learning programmes and institutional as well as state of university education in Nigeria 2017- 2018.

He assured that the updated version of the documents mentioned above would be published this month, urging professors in their respective universities uploaded their curricula vitae on the website which was used in the compilation of the directory of full professors in the NUS and had helped in identifying fake professors in the system.

According to him, “The updated version of those documents will be published by December 2019 and professors in their respective universities uploaded their CV on the website which was used in the compilation of the directory. About 100 fake professors also uploaded their details but we detected them.This measure helped in identifying fake professors in the system. The fight against fake professors is a collective responsibility.”

The war against fake VCs, the NUC Executive Secretary stated was a collective responsibility.

The executive secretary informed the Vice-Chancellors of a recent meeting held with the Director-General, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) where the Director  General complained that some Corp members’ degree certificates allegedly obtained from some prestigious universities were questionable.

He urged the VCs to have accurate statistics of staff, students and other components in their respective universities off-hand but cautioned them to be mindful while signing certificates of students especially those of affiliate institutions under their purview.

He directed that the vice-chancellors should check the excesses of their affiliated institutions, adding that these days lecturers hardly spend time with their students and that Ph.D. supervisions lacked the necessary quality time required and desired as both the lecturers and students did not create time for each other.

The NUC boss said that the fight against academic corruption must be tackled by all stakeholders, calling on the universities to always inform NUC of any criminal case in their institutions.

Commenting on the issue of lecturers teaching in several universities, he stated that lecturers were not permitted to lecture in more than two universities and that minimum teaching for eight hours should be strictly enforced

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