NCAA Revokes Pilot’s Licence For Operating With Expired Medical Certificate

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…Issues Letter Of Sanction

…To Return Invalidated Licence To Director of Licensing Within Seven Days


The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has revoked the Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence ATPL of a Pilot for operating with expired medical certificate.

This, according to an online statement issued by the General Manager, Public Relations, Mr Sam Adurogboye seriously violates the Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (NCARs).

The statement, which did not name the pilot or the airline he flies for, explained that this revocation was a consequence of the Pilot operating flights on non-schedule operations while his medical certificate has expired.

NCAA further explained that during these flight operations, the Pilot repeatedly exercised the privileges of his License ATPL (A) when he was not qualified to exercise such privileges.

NCAA stated that specifically, the Pilot’s Medical Certificate commenced validity from July 17, 2017 and expired January 16, 2018, adding that another one was processed on May 11, 2018 which expired on November 10, 2018.

NCAA said that investigation revealed that instead of the Pilot revalidating his Medical Certificate, he conducted flight operations as the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) in flagrant disregard of NCARs).

According to NCARs Part A flight crew member or Air Traffic Controller shall not exercise the privileges of his/her licence unless he/she holds a current medical certificate appropriate to the licence.

The statement stated that consequent upon this, the authority determined that pursuant to Part of the NCARs, the Pilot has lost the privileges of his licence, adding that he does not hold a current medical certificate appropriate to the licence.

NCAA pointed out that NCARs Part (a) states that a licence, rating, authorisation or certificate shall be revoked if the holder has lost the skills for exercising the privileges mentioned in the document or fails to meet appropriate medical standards as shown by the result of a medical examination or a test.

It added that in line with Part of the NCARs, the Pilot’s Licence ATPL (A] [ A- Aircraft] has  been revoked with immediate effect and it ceases to be effective.

Meanwhile, the affected Pilot has been directed to return the invalidated licence to the NCAA’s Director of Licensing (DOL) within seven days of receipt of the Letter of Sanction, adding that the letter has since been dispatched accordingly.

The statement reiterated very strongly that NCAA would continue to view seriously any infraction of NCAR’s .



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