MedView Reduces Number Of Staff Strength By 60

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MedView Airline said it has directed 60 staff of the company to step aside.

A statement issued by the Alhaji Isiaq Na-Allah, Executive Director, Business Development,Med-View Airline Plc explained that going by the realities of the prevailing economic situation, the airline is currently restructuring in order to fully maximize its operation and prepare adequately for the challenges ahead.

According to him, “In the course of this exercise, some staff, about 60 in numbers, were required to step aside as a result of downsizing with a genuine intention to recall them back as soon as situation improves as stated in our letter to the affected staff.

The decision by management on this exercise though tough is predicated on the need to achieve the best result with a minimum but adequate work force. All the Staff affected have been adequately communicated,” He added .


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