Etihad Airways To Enhance Operations With Crew Management Solutions

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Boeing has signed an agreement with Etihad Airways, the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, to provide multiple crew management solutions to support the planning and operation of the airline’s 7,500 crewmembers.

Through the agreement, Etihad Airways will integrate Crew Pairing, Rostering and Fatigue Risk Management solutions to optimize planning, crew satisfaction and reduce costs.

These solutions which will be provided through Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen,are powered by Boeing AnalytX and provide airlines with advanced optimisation and analysis.

Speaking, the Senior Vice President Operations, Etihad Airways, Rick Allen, said, “By adopting crew solutions, we are confident that we will be able to respond and adapt more quickly to the ever-changing airline factors and constraints within our operation.”

“Our crew team will also appreciate that their preferences will be more flexibly considered, as we will now be able to publish crew schedules further in advance,” he added.

Crew Pairing helps airlines create optimised work duties, improving crew efficiency and operational robustness, while minimizing cost.

Crew Rostering allows airlines to build quality rosters that respect crews’ preferences and relevant constraints, while reducing total costs and time to market.

Fatigue Risk Management solutions, supported by the Boeing Alertness Model, provide strategies and proven solutions for reducing fatigue risk in crew rosters.

On his part, the Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales & Marketing for Boeing, Ihssane Mounir “Airlines that use these services often see cost reductions of three percent or more annually and a significant uptake in crew satisfaction over their rosters. By adding these tools to the Boeing flight operations services already in place today, Etihad will continue to drive positive change. The flexibility and strength of our optimization in the crew management suite will allow Etihad to solve complex issues with ease and support their decision-making process with detailed quantifications of risk and costs.”

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