Kabaye Tourism To Organise ‘Just The BOAT Of Us’ For Couples In Calabar



Kabaye Tourism is to organise a programme, “Just the BOAT of Us”, a first of its kind, romantic boat event for couples in Calabar

Kabaye Tourism said that this valentine, as has always been the case in previous years, most couples would be in desperate need for exciting and romantic activities with which they can use to animate their relationships.

According to the organiser the event will take place February 12 – 19, 2018, at Marina Resort, Calabar.

Most, Kabaye Tourism said if not all the time, these desires are met with a disappointing absence of notable romantic activities around that can satisfy their carnal cravings.

“At Kabaye, we observed this negative trend and have decided to reverse it by offering a refreshing valentine alternative, away from the regular activities that couples are forced to accept.” The statement said.

To this end, the organisation stated that it would present to its clients, just the “BOAT” of us.

The statement added that this is an exclusive Aqua Tourism event that will afford couples a lot of luxury, adventure and romance, adding that for about an hour, couples will be rowed around the beautiful Marina Resort waterfront and enjoy valentine like they have never done.

“This event is sure to give couples eternal memories that will become for them emotional souvenirs for many years to come,” Kabaye Tourism said.

Kabaye Tourism listed the features of the programme to include: rafting and rowing, leisure fishing, good food, cocktail, live Saxophone/Violin music on the boat! (In Venice-esque fashion) among others.



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