Med-View Airline Apologises To Passengers Over Delays


Med-View Airline has offered apology to passengers following flights delays and rescheduling experienced in the week.

An online statement by its spokesman, Obuke Oyibotha, the airline said it regretted the inconveniences caused passengers as result of such delays and rescheduling.

According to him, “We share your pains for our inability at the material time to fly you to your destinations at the appointed time”

The airline however attributed the delays to adverse weather conditions and unscheduled aircraft maintenance, which are critical to flight operations.

The airline said that the safety of passengers and crew come first before any other considerations and  that in such situations, delays  and rescheduling become inevitable.

“We have put the necessary logistics in place to meet our obligations to our esteemed passengers, who have over the years kept faith with us,” the airline said.


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