(Updated)Med-View Begins Flight Operations To Abidjan, Conakry, Dakar October 27

* B767 aircraft


Meets Travel Agents

Med- View Airline is to commence flight operations to Abidjan, Conakry, Dakar routes on Friday, October 27, 2017 as part of its expansion drive.

This is just as the airline commended its trade partners for the successes so far recorded by the carrier within a very short time.

The intention to commence flight operations to three West Africa countries was disclosed during a meeting between the airline and its trade partners; travel agents as part of efforts to further cement the existing relationship

The meeting between the Med-View and the travel agencies in Lagos provided an opportunity for the airline to get feedback on the airline’s operations to London, Jeddah and other routes and how to make the airline like any other improve on its services.

The travel agents expressed satisfaction with the airline’s operation, saying that there is still room for improvement.

From left Bernard Bankole, President, National Association of Nigerian Travel Agents; Alhaji Muneer Bankole, MD/CEO, Med-View Airline; Mr Anthony Popoola, General Sales Agent in Freetown, Med-View Airline and Mr Michael Ajigbotosho, Chief Operating Officer at the Med=View Airline Trade Partners forum held in Lagos on Tuesday.

Speaking at the gathering, the Managing Director of the airline, Alhaji Muneer Bankole commend the trade partners whom he said have contributed to the development of Medview Airline

All the successes achieved, the airline by the airline had come with some impediments strategically laid down by authorities overseas to kill competition by the flag carrier.

According to him, “We encountered challenges of regional operations. In Ghana, they said they were not going to give us traffic right. They claimed that we already had four airlines and none from Ghana until the matter was resolved.”

He continued, “They did the same thing to us when we filed to operate to Dubai which by the Grace of God will happen on December 7, 2017. God bless our Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika who insisted that they must allow us to fly into Dubal Terminal One and not to Sharjah.”

Executive Director, Business Development and Commercial, Alhaji Ishiaq Na’Allah on his part, said the airline deemed it fit to meet with their trade partners, describing them as great partners in progress.

Alhaji Muneer Bankole, MD?CEO, Med-View Airline addressing participants at the Med-View Airline Trade Partners forum held in Lagos on Tuesday.

“The major reason why we are here today is for us to rub minds together because we are opening new routes. As we all know, we operate regional flights to West African countries especially to the cities of Accra, Monrovia and Freetown. If you look at all these cities, they are English speaking which is Anglophone. Since we are in West Africa, we talk about ECOWAS; we have the French speaking countries as well. There is the need for us to connect every one,” he said.

Continuing Na’Allah said, “By Friday, October 27, we are launching a new service to Abidjan, Conakry and Dakar. The purpose of our gathering today is to interact with our trade partners that are travel agencies to partner with us. We are here to introduce this market to them and give them the opportunity to serve to passengers. I am going to say they have been very wonderful partners to us. Travel agents are the first link to the customers because they help customers to plan their trips, their itinerary and serve as consultants to them. They prefer to go to the travel agencies than coming to the airlines.”

He stated that though the operating environment in Nigeria has been very tough, but that the joy is that they were able to overcome.


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