Jeppesen, Air Malta Agree To Navigation, Charting, Electronic Flight Bag Service Contract

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Boeing through its subsidiary Jeppesen, today announced a three-year service renewal agreement with Air Malta to provide Jeppesen’s industry-leading FliteDeck Pro electronic flight bag (EFB) services on iPad, in addition to digital charting data and NavData global navigation services for the airline.

Speaking, the Chief Officer, Flight Operations, Air Malt, Capt. Alexander Muscat, “We have worked closely with Jeppesen to provide our operational insights to continually enhance its EFB services, and we are pleased to continue receiving the leading navigation, EFB and charting data in the industry through this agreement.”

“Our crew members have come to trust Jeppesen data and services to safely reach our destinations around the world, and we also benefit from bottom line savings achieved through reduced costs by using more efficient operations,” he added.

The use of FliteDeck Pro will deliver enhanced operating capabilities for Air Malta, including the use of Smart Notes, which analyse chronological and geospatial flight data to present key data points for pilots automatically, without the need for manual interaction.

Another new capability, Tailored Enroute, will allow Air Malta to depict Jeppesen’s data-driven enroute data, supplemented with their own operationally-specific information, to provide a complete enroute navigation picture.

Also speaking, the Flight Operations Sales Director, Boeing Global Services, said,  “Our relationship with Air Malta provides mutually beneficial information sharing, and we are proud to continue this process through our new agreement.”

Jeppesen NavData is developed from a comprehensive aviation database, which is composed of more than one million records.

To ensure accuracy, Jeppesen flight information analysts edit and verify approximately 150,000 database transactions generated from worldwide aviation data source documents during every 28-day revision cycle.

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