Sheraton Abuja Hotel Launches New Culinary Experience For Customers


Sheraton Abuja Hotel has  hosted guests and customers a refresh of the Hotel’s new paired Food and Beverage menu at the lobby Bar and Ladi Kwali Conference Centre

According to the General Manager of the Hotel-Nouman Irshad, “we have re-activated “Paired”,Sheraton brand’s innovative hotel lobby bar experience which comprises of artisanal small plates and elevated bar snacks, served alongside premium wines and suggested beverages”.“Our guests were reintroduced to the concept which stretches the boundaries of traditional pairing principles by blending ingredients together in new and unexpected ways.”

“The event offered our invited guests a food lover’s haven through our unique sensory journey of activities. Our compelling night had expertly matched small plates on display alongside premium wines and locally distilled beers. We equally organized an array of entertaining activities along with great music which sparked off the dance tempo coupled with an engaging activity where our guest’s submitted ideas for our next new menu change in 3-6months, “he added.

He stated that an inspiration board was made available for foodies and invited guests to write their thoughts on the new menu experience.

Speaking further,Nouman Irshad said, “We have created our Sheraton paired meeting breaks menu for the elevated pleasure of our conference customers, this will add an enriching experience to our event and meeting planners”.

“Our goal is to introduce and adapt this inventive food culture we have for both in-house guests, customers and conference patrons alike.Eclectically paired lobby bar favorites such as Chinese and Vietnamese Spring rolls,Crispy fried vegetable spring rolls dipped in sweet spicy sauce or sweet vinegar dressing will be served with 2012 Vina Maipo Cabernet wine and 2012 Pinot  or Grigio or even Chardonnay, Italy or Can “33” Export, pale lager. Customers can equally spark off taste buds with indigenous favorites such as Puff Puff and Suya served with 2012 Casillero Del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon Chile which will feature in our menu this quarter as unexpected pairings,” the General Manager said.

Continuing , he said, “For our Patrons this gives the opportunity to simply try new things. Our new-paired menu will cater to the tastes of both our international and Indigenous customers via offering some locally sourced and inspired food pairings.This delivers an elevated lobby bar experience where you can relax and have fun as you share with friends”.

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