Shocking Truth About The Problems Of Idumuje Ugboko Against Chinedu Odai (Ned Nwoko)


Chinedu Odai (growingly deemed to be illegitimately known as Ned Nwoko) is a man, who basks in the confusion of being a controversial political “senior thug”.

Many people have wondered why any (supposedly) enlightened adult would dabble into the recent spate of disgraceful attention he has been drawing to himself.

The quest to find the true answer to this question has led us to team up and pull resources to investigate the underlying truth about this.

It is no news to read that Mr. Odai has embarked on a well-funded campaign against the town and people of Idumuje Ugboko in Delta state. This vicious campaign has been primarily focused at the royal family of the town (but with emphasis on the King of the town and some royal elders). A family to which his mother is a descendant and also the family that granted him a borrowed identity all his life. What is clear from the chain of events that have taken place is that Chinedu Odai has no room in himself to re-dress his ways. His only way forward is to bring the town to surrender by granting him certain inconceivable requests. This in the face of obvious facts that the low and mighty in the town are absolutely unwilling to unduly gratify him with. It should be well known by now that the issue is that Mr. Odai wants the town to grant him 90 hectares of land as an extension of his current 33 hectares. An additional 21 hectares was initially requested for under the guise of building his private sports university request the town turned down. As a result Chinedu went on a campaign that has gone beyond moral and cultural red lines with impunity and is getting worst by the day.

Our investigations were not targeted at finding a solution, apportioning blames or suggesting which version of the controversy is the true version. Our investigation is solely targeted at finding out why somebody would want overturn the rejection of a land request at all cost. What can lead to this kind of unwarranted menace?

Our investigation has led us deeper than we initially set out to go. We were utterly shocked with most of our findings that we had to re-validate some of them more than once to be sure they were reliably true.

The first shock of our findings is that the expanse of land being sought after by Mr. Odai forms part of promise Chinedu made to a certain vicious caucus. A promise to which he has more than once already be financially mobilised to pursue. This promise is the brain child of a plot that goes beyond anything that has been so far revealed about this matter.

Our findings were directed by our unexpected discovery of why the Delta State Police Commissioner, his deputy, certain retired Army Generals, Some people in the upper echelons of power… are exerting unprecedented levels of pressure in every way possible to ensure that Mr. Odai is able to keep his promise to this silent cabal. A cabal that we are still struggling to discover how far it stretches.

We discovered that individuals, who can see the irregularity of this entire Chinedu Odai saga (and are in a position to rectify it) are under untold pressure to cooperate with Chinedu to ensure that Idumuje Ugboko is not able to stop him from performing his part of this large devious plot.

Even the Zone 5 Police Command in Benin (under the leadership of the zonal Assistant Inspector General of Police) may not be able to survive the pressure being exerted through this cabal for much longer.

Chinedu Odai sold his soul to an Islamisation agenda at what he deems to be the right price. An agenda that has been largely rumoured in most parts of the country. This is however the first time we are coming across a clearly articulated plot in action.;one that is already fully in motion. It must however be noted quickly that Mr. Odai’s commitment to this plot is not only for financial inducement, it is also as result of religious loyalty to the Islamic faith ,which he has politically adopted. It is purely for the hidden gain that has never been revealed openly. One for which he is apparently prepared to destroy or be destroyed.

Chinedu is undoubtedly confident that against the docile and poor indigenes of Idumuje Ugboko anything is possible. As such his shocking commitments to this group are clearly born out utopian confidence. Including his assurances that majority of his responsibilities in this plot will be concluded within a period of four to eight years.

The apex of this finding reveals very truly sad realities never told to even the Idumuje Ugboko people themselves.

Our findings shows a frenzy over the fact that  Odai already has 33 hectares of land bordering the most un-utilised plots of land in Onicha Ugbo as well as the remaining undeveloped expanse of land available to Idumuje Ugboko.

The agenda clearly agrees that for the plot to be successful, all these available land of Idumuje Ugboko (as well as whatever is annexable from Onicha Ugbo) must be adjoined to form a continuation of Chinedu Odai’s current 33 hectares of land. This is a critical success factor for the plot.

Upon securing this land under any guise possible, the next phases of this plot would then be executed by Chinedu Odai with the assistance of diverse powerful individuals from the Islamic North, who are capable of providing support and enforcement through various arms of Government.

The bigger problem is that Ned Odai has been given all that he asked for to ensure he is able to execute his most immediate part of the bargain successfully. He has been given sizeable amount of loose cash.

He has been introduced to powerful individuals from the Islamic North, who have been instructed to assist him with any form of pressure machinery against any oppositions.

Ned’s problem is that he has also already promised to deliver the plan in its entirety. As such people, who are hoping to see a change in personality relating to Ned’s current pursuit, are simply wasting their time.

On the other hand Ned is also faced with the challenge of the fact that he must do everything stipulated upon him to ensure that the true nature and secretes of plot is not exposed to the masses by every means possible. So, even though his formal reason for all the troubles he is fomenting lacks common sense, he is not at liberty to change them to anything that may raise suspicions.

The truth about what Ned is in pursuit of is sad and deeply regrettable. Looking at this from the position of hindsight, it is a blessing that Ned was allowed to defraud the town in previous years as this is the sole reason why the town is fighting his formal requests. Unknown to the town that they are fighting a much larger grand scheme that would utterly deplete their cultural value and worth overnight.

Our investigation first revealed a chilling word that was used repeatedly. It was not a word that carried a meaning in a sentence. It was a word that was a name. A name of a place currently non-existing. A geographical location that spreads from Ned’s current 33 hectares, through additional 110 hectares of current Idumuje Ugboko land and another 76 hectares of Onicha Ugbo land.

A geographical space that has been carved out to be the birthplace of a town that will be modelled as an emirate with a “former prince?”. A “Prince?” who at some point paraded himself as a potential heir apparent of the Nwoko dynasty. A prince now un-naturally converted and to be installed as the Emir of this new town. A town modelled purely as an Islamic community and a hub from which the faith was to steadily spread through the rest of Delta state. Fully funded and sustained by foreign Islamic cabal. To put it simply  Odai has been mandated to divide the kingdom of Idumuje Ugboko, Annex some parts of Onicha Ugbo and establish an Islamic Emirate with himself as the Emir of the town. An emirate that must also make the cultural collapse of its most immediate neighbouring towns its priority.

Without controversy the current monarchy in Idumuje Ugboko is living on a short borrowed time as far as Chinedu Odai and his associates in this plot are concerned.

This is the price and jewel for which Ned Odai is prepared to destroy the entire town and system of Idumuje Ugboko to achieve. Naturally in Ned’s mind, the first community to fall after the establishment of his emirate would be the Idumuje Ugboko. Clearly along with its systems and ways of life as they currently stand, especially their traditions and rulership system. As such it should be well understood that the current steady assault on the town and its ruling system is a march in the targeted destination.

To achieve this, influential instructions were passed to several individuals, who could assist with the plot. Without any doubt the Delta State Police Commissioner (a Muslim from the North) and his deputy are both loyal instruments with regards to this directive. They have been directed through clandestine channels to give Ned Odai every assistance and cover to ensure he succeeds with this plot.

These two men both for this reason and financial gains have carried out this instruction to the letter.

Till date, they have assisted Ned Odai with ensuring that the law looks the other way irrespective of what he does. Also they have ensured that the state police is fully at Ned’s disposal. This serves to guarantee that pressure is kept on Idumuje Ugboko while their chances of successfully resisting Ned wear out.

Not only the Police Commissioner and his deputy have been instructed to carry out this diabolical agenda. When the town realised that they had lost the protection of the Delta State Police Command, they solicited for support from the military.

This support was obtained to protect the town from Ned’s thugs, who had been imported into the town under the supervision and watchful eyes of the Delta State Police Command. As the soldiers arrived, a former General in the Army (from the Islamic North and name withheld) detailed by this plot summoned them to Ned’s house. Upon reaching Ned’s house they were told that whatever they do, they must ensure Ned gets the land he is requesting for. Land that he wants to use to build a “sports university?”. The Soldiers then left Idumuje Ugboko and Ned’s thugs invaded the town.

The fact that an Islamic retired general from the North knows what is better for Idumuje Ugboko more than Idumuje Ugboko people is a shock now understood. This and the many other chains of events  relating to Ned’s navigations of his bizarre land request comes into better understanding in the light of these revelations.

Ned at the commencement of this bizarre encounter against the town put in two separate requests for land. The first was for 93 hectares to build an international golf course. The second was for 21 hectares to build a sports university.

Even people, who were not vehemently opposed to his requests agreed on two points. The first is that the golf course is not viable and will erode agro-livelihoods of the indigenes of the town. The second is that though the university sounded possibly beneficial to the town, Ned should provide a proper proposal and feasibility report. If approved, he would be told to invest using village land that may be available at the other side of the town bordering the town of Ewohimi.

Everyone considered these to be responses that would be understood by any sincere and rationally minded adult. Instead Ned rejected both. Why? The lands must all be linked into one flow with his current 33 hectares. Ensuring that the pursuit of this devious plot is steadily on course for the formation of an emirate community.

As such Ned countered that the university must be attached to his current 33 hectares otherwise his plan or plot would not be successful. Further, he now merged the two proposals into one. The request for the university now needed 90 hectares of land and no longer 21 hectares. And the golf course became part of the university project.

While a court injunction banning him from entering the land was in place, the local government chairman under pressure from stakeholders of this plot and large financial inducements awarded Ned Odai the Certificate of Occupancy(C of O) for the additional 93 hectares of land without the town’s knowledge or approval.

The Delta State Police Command has been the most disgraceful in its availability and willingness to be used for the fruition of this plot.

Our findings show that Chinedu is constantly assuring the stakeholders from the North that his plan will come to a sudden fruition as soon as the Obi Of Idumuje Ugboko is pulled down. To this effect, he got more money and requested for additional pressure to be put on key law enforcement agencies to rope the royalty into a certain downfall.

Any close observer cannot argue about how the police is constantly trying to criminally indict the royal leadership into a convicted status in a bid to vacate the leadership of the town from anti-Odai sentiments. This time, however, the younger generations of the town and ruling dynasty have assumed significant responsibilities in the governing of the affairs of the town. This is where the stagnation for Chinedu Odai ploys all emanates from;the younger generation of the town.

As at the time of this publication, the Zone 5 Police Department of Benin City has asked the Obi of the town and royal elders to report to the station under the accusation that the late king, who died in February this year was at the age of 92 was actually murdered.

However these men have been invited to answer to the murder charge without any police evidence that there was a murder at all.

We have also confirmed that the instruction from the stakeholders of this plot is to have these royal heads detained on criminal charges in a bid to remove them as the town’s leadership. This to be largely achieved using police driven injunctions that may even outlaw their future resumption of duties.

Our findings have not come to a final conclusion but every indigene of Delta State and Nigeria, who has cares for defenceless people must stand up for the Nwoko family and all other indigenes of Idumuje Ugboko before it is too late.

This plot is deeply harrowing if one were to learn its details. So harrowing that one could probably not believe that such is possible to achieve in this age in this country. But the most critical success factor to this plot is that the actual truth behind Ned’s quest and actions must never be revealed to the public. Hence, our decision to publish while our findings are still continuing.

To counter this plot, Idumuje Ugboko people and Delta state indigenes must not agree to any venture (or idea) that includes increasing the land currently owned by Odai by one inch. That will be regrettable if allowed to happen. Also, the town and people must fight for the preservation of its royal integrity and traditions. This is a “must fall” as far as this plot is concerned. We can confirm that as soon as Chinedu’s first phase is accomplished, there is an already planned inducement for the patriarchal system of enthronement to be destroyed. The idea is to replace it with a temporarily rotational monarchy with a politically driven selection process. This it is believed will pave way for the ascension of someone, who will help with the final accomplishment of the rest of the plot.

Finally, Chinedu Munir Odai must be identified as having no bonafide entitlements to Idumuje Ugboko royalty in any patriarchally rooted form. We can confirm that the idea of traditionally expelling him from the town has been interpreted as a disaster to the plot by its stakeholders. Agents of this plot have been told to cross any line to ensure that this does not happen. The cabal behind this keeps on believing feedbacks from Ned that the plot is close to fruition pending these few obstacles. As such, we sincerely advice that concerned citizens do everything to assist Idumuje Ugboko people to openly challenge the Police Commissioner, his deputy and the local government chairman. To demand that they exhume and openly declare whose instructions they are following when they fight to ensure that Chinedu is not traditionally expelled from the town.


Chinedu Odai himself must also explain why the only (21 hectares) university he is prepared to build must be attached to his house. Likewise the only (91 hectares) golf course he is willing to consider must be further attached to his house. Also, he must explain why he wants many more hectares from Onicha Ugbo all to build a university that requires only 21 hectares.

Further results of our investigations will be unveiled with more chilling revelations as to why Idumuje Ugboko is undergoing unacceptable abuse from a man whose ultimate goal is abominable to the people and town. These would be further revealed in our next publications in the coming weeks.

We again call on all citizens of Delta State to openly and vehemently reject any attempt to approve land to Ned Odai for any official reason what so eve, especially if this request remotely suggests that the land being requested should be an addition of any kind to the current 33 hectares that this undesirable cankerworm was already given.

Written By : Osato Akinobare (Independent Investigative Journalist  (Benin – Edo State), Walter Omesiete Political Analyst(Asaba, Delta State), Ibrahim Zuberu, Security Analyst, (Kano Kano State) and Shei Olatunji,Human Rights Advocate( Ikeja, Lagos State).


2 thoughts on “Shocking Truth About The Problems Of Idumuje Ugboko Against Chinedu Odai (Ned Nwoko)”

    The attention of the Muslim Community in Delta State, Nigeria has been drawn to a publication in the internet website: posted by one Abel Orukpe on August 3, 2017 and credited to Osato Akinobare (independent investigative Journalist, Benin-City Edo Stat), Walter Omesiete (Political Analyst, Asaba, Delta State), Ibrahim Zuberu, (Security Analyst, Kano, Kano State) and Shei Olatunji (Human Rights Advocate, Ikeja, Lagos State) titled; “Shocking Truth About The Problems Of Idumuje-Ugboko Against Chinedu Odai (Ned Nwoko)” .
    The Muslim Community would not have had course to respond to the said publication if the publishers had limited themselves to the purported land transaction and alleged feud between Prince Chinedu Nwoko/Nwoko family and Idumuje-Ugboko Community which has nothing to do with Islamic faith or spread of Islam.
    Furthermore, we would have equally held our peace if while publishing this story, the publisher had considered the implication of selling the above falsity to the whole world via the internet in view of the need/civic responsibility of every reasonable man to pursue and follow peace in the society particularly now the country (Nigeria) is faced with myriad of challenges which includes amongst others host community/herdsmen conflict, Christian/Muslim and other religious/political conflicts.
    However, we the Muslim community in Delta State have decided to refute this publication (as it affects Islamic Religion) before it will go virile and thwart the efforts of Government and Stakeholders alike in ensuring the peaceful co-existence of people of all tribes in every Nigerian community irrespective of faith and/or religious group.
    Admittedly, Prince Chinedu Nwoko (popularly known as Hon. Ned Nwoko) holds Islamic faith as a way of praying and approaching his God (Allah) and as such a Muslim but we frown at the tales which tend to yoke same with any of the purported land transaction between him and Idumuje–Ugboko community and/or his brothers, consequently bringing Islamisation (an expression that suggests spread of Islam and Emirateship) into it.
    We want to make it clear that Muslims in Delta State or elsewhere (as the writers claim) have no single Islamization agenda ongoing with Prince Chinedu Nwoko (Hon. Ned Nwoko) or in any form involved in the purported feud between Prince Chinedu Nwoko and Idumuje-Ugboko Community. The colouration of Muslim cabal contained in the above story is meant to paint the entire Islamic Community black as there is no single Muslim Cabal that engaged Prince Chinedu Nwoko to acquire parcel of land in Idumuje-Ugboko Community for the purpose of Islamization or Emirateship.
    We wish to emphasize that Islam was propagated in Delta State as far back as 1889 with its first central mosque built in cable-point area, Asaba, Delta State. Presently, we have Mosques in almost all the major cities of Delta State not to mention other remote areas. Therefore, this shows that Islam predates many generations before Prince Chinedu Nwoko embraced the faith. There is no time within living memories propagation of Islam led to dispossession of communal land of the host communities and since 1889 till date, Islamic worshippers have been peaceful in Delta State.
    However, we wish to reiterate that this publication is geared at roping the entire Muslim community in Delta State and beyond into family/private affairs of Nwoko family/Idumuje-Ugboko and their son (if any) which in effect can heat up polity and rupture the existing relationship between Muslim faithful and people of other faiths in Delta State.
    Finally, we advise the public to ignore the publishers of this falsehood and go about their lawful business as nobody including Ned Nwoko has any Islamization/Emirateship agenda in Delta State.
    We are obliged for your understanding.
    Alhaji Ahmed Abdul-salam
    (For Muslim Community Delta State)

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