March 20, 2023

2 thoughts on “Shocking Truth About The Problems Of Idumuje Ugboko Against Chinedu Odai (Ned Nwoko)

    The attention of the Muslim Community in Delta State, Nigeria has been drawn to a publication in the internet website: posted by one Abel Orukpe on August 3, 2017 and credited to Osato Akinobare (independent investigative Journalist, Benin-City Edo Stat), Walter Omesiete (Political Analyst, Asaba, Delta State), Ibrahim Zuberu, (Security Analyst, Kano, Kano State) and Shei Olatunji (Human Rights Advocate, Ikeja, Lagos State) titled; “Shocking Truth About The Problems Of Idumuje-Ugboko Against Chinedu Odai (Ned Nwoko)” .
    The Muslim Community would not have had course to respond to the said publication if the publishers had limited themselves to the purported land transaction and alleged feud between Prince Chinedu Nwoko/Nwoko family and Idumuje-Ugboko Community which has nothing to do with Islamic faith or spread of Islam.
    Furthermore, we would have equally held our peace if while publishing this story, the publisher had considered the implication of selling the above falsity to the whole world via the internet in view of the need/civic responsibility of every reasonable man to pursue and follow peace in the society particularly now the country (Nigeria) is faced with myriad of challenges which includes amongst others host community/herdsmen conflict, Christian/Muslim and other religious/political conflicts.
    However, we the Muslim community in Delta State have decided to refute this publication (as it affects Islamic Religion) before it will go virile and thwart the efforts of Government and Stakeholders alike in ensuring the peaceful co-existence of people of all tribes in every Nigerian community irrespective of faith and/or religious group.
    Admittedly, Prince Chinedu Nwoko (popularly known as Hon. Ned Nwoko) holds Islamic faith as a way of praying and approaching his God (Allah) and as such a Muslim but we frown at the tales which tend to yoke same with any of the purported land transaction between him and Idumuje–Ugboko community and/or his brothers, consequently bringing Islamisation (an expression that suggests spread of Islam and Emirateship) into it.
    We want to make it clear that Muslims in Delta State or elsewhere (as the writers claim) have no single Islamization agenda ongoing with Prince Chinedu Nwoko (Hon. Ned Nwoko) or in any form involved in the purported feud between Prince Chinedu Nwoko and Idumuje-Ugboko Community. The colouration of Muslim cabal contained in the above story is meant to paint the entire Islamic Community black as there is no single Muslim Cabal that engaged Prince Chinedu Nwoko to acquire parcel of land in Idumuje-Ugboko Community for the purpose of Islamization or Emirateship.
    We wish to emphasize that Islam was propagated in Delta State as far back as 1889 with its first central mosque built in cable-point area, Asaba, Delta State. Presently, we have Mosques in almost all the major cities of Delta State not to mention other remote areas. Therefore, this shows that Islam predates many generations before Prince Chinedu Nwoko embraced the faith. There is no time within living memories propagation of Islam led to dispossession of communal land of the host communities and since 1889 till date, Islamic worshippers have been peaceful in Delta State.
    However, we wish to reiterate that this publication is geared at roping the entire Muslim community in Delta State and beyond into family/private affairs of Nwoko family/Idumuje-Ugboko and their son (if any) which in effect can heat up polity and rupture the existing relationship between Muslim faithful and people of other faiths in Delta State.
    Finally, we advise the public to ignore the publishers of this falsehood and go about their lawful business as nobody including Ned Nwoko has any Islamization/Emirateship agenda in Delta State.
    We are obliged for your understanding.
    Alhaji Ahmed Abdul-salam
    (For Muslim Community Delta State)

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