NDLEA Seized Cocaine, Heroin Worth N225 Trillion At Lagos Ports In 10 Years


The Chief Executive of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Col. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah said that the agency has seized over 15,064kg of cocaine and heroin at the Tin Can and Apapa ports since 2006 with an estimated value of N225 trillion .
Abdallah said that drug barons are targeting the ports for their illicit drug activities but the Agency will resist their scheming.
The drugs include 14,813.40kg of cocaine and 251.22kg of heroin.
According to the NDLEA boss, “the seaports are high risk drug trafficking locations because of the movement of large volume of consignments. Official record of drug seizures at the ports underscores the volatility of the ports in drug trafficking. Since 2006, the agency has seized over 15,064kg of cocaine and heroin at the Lagos ports. The country cannot afford to condone this criminal trade because such huge proceeds in the hands of drugs cartels is threatening. We shall continue to screen incoming and outgoing vessels thereby making the ports impregnable to drug trafficking organisations”.

* Part of the 450.400kg cocaine during search 1

Abdallah added that the presence of the NDLEA at the ports is of immense economic and security benefit to the country and that the agency will maintain alertness and frustrate any action targeted at disrupting her operations at the seaports.
The agency has the approval of the Federal Government to operate at the ports and this onerous responsibility shall be diligently and effectively discharged.
Abdallah reiterated that the NDLEA will take reasonable measures in preventing the seaports from being used for drug trafficking.
Some of the spectacular drug seizures made at the ports include 14.2 metric tons of cocaine imported from Chile and intercepted in June 2006 at the Tin Can Island Port Lagos.
The drug which was concealed in a shipment of white cement was rated the single largest seizure of cocaine in Africa and fifth largest in the world.

* Part of the 450.400kg cocaine during search 2

There is also the celebrated case of 450.400kg of cocaine hidden in processed wood.
The drug imported from Chile by a Taiwanese and a Chinese drug baron was intercepted at the Tin Can Island Port, Lagos in July 2010.
In addition, 137.73kg of heroin was intercepted at the Tin Can Island Port, Lagos in November 2010.
The heroin hidden in industrial equipment and sewing threads was imported from the Republic of Iran.
Cocaine weighing 165kg packed in 150 square parcels inside 38 cartons of floor tiles imported from Bolivia was equally intercepted at the Tin Can Island Port Lagos in January 2011.
A week later, 110kg of cocaine was detected inside 25 packs of floor tiles containing 4 parcels each which originated from Bolivia also at Tin Can port.
In May 2012, 113.49kg of heroin industrially concealed in three moulding machines imported from Islamabad, Pakistan in a 20 feet container was intercepted at the Tin Can Island Port Lagos in May 2012.
The shipment was monitored and intercepted by NDLEA officials at Okota area of Lagos while it was being taken to a private warehouse.
The NDLEA boss called on port operators to collaborate and support the Agency in ensuring zero tolerance for drug trafficking at the ports.


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