8 thoughts on “(Opinion)Nigeria Customs Service Palaver By Ibrahim Abdullah

  1. We really appreciate ur concern Ibrahim Abdullahi… We will there fore appreciate d government to look into ur write up to put things in order in d service!

  2. You ‘ve really got a glimpse of the customs pallaver.
    We pray this regime will do its best to address these ancient problem in customs and other federal government agencies.
    Nigeria must move forward and be among the best countries of the world.
    Thank you for contribution to see our country become one of the best.

  3. It has not been easy for us at all. Slavery is an understatement compare with what Officers & Men of d Nigeria Customs Service r facing now.

  4. True talk, how i wish the people involve would read and understand the pain our Innocent Customs officers are in.Thanks for this marvelous job.

  5. I am of the opinion that the federal government, sanate etc should visit various command headquarters to have a glimpse of what the officers are facing especially now that transfer of officers is on.God help them.

  6. A big shame to those who take customs jobs for granted. If only they have an idea on the risks they go thru&d conditions they are leaving just to ensure our boarders are secured,they would have known that customs ought to be the 2nd highest paid workers after NNPC.CG customs pls make the service proud of you as you promised.

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