Greter Restaurant Renamed Juice –Box Sports Bar & Restaurant


…To Show Live European League Matches, Sports, Barbeque

…Assures Customers Of Wonderful Treat

… To Give Free Birthday Cake To Celebrant


As part of efforts to reposition and re-brand the popular Greter Restaurant, the owners of the eatery have changed its name to Juice –Box Sports Bar and Restaurant

This is just as the new management assured customers of wonderful treat as they patronise the eatery.

When visited the restaurant located at 437 Agege Motor Road, Bolade, Oshodi, it was wearing a new look while inside the restaurant was glittering with new fittings and decorations.

The music coming from the restaurant and the aroma of delicacies are two things that would be very difficult for people in the community, both old and new customers to resist.

Speaking to, the Manager of Juice –Box Sports Bar and Restaurant, Mr Greg Maxwell, stated that the decision to change the name of the restaurant from Greter to Juice-Box, reposition and re –brand due to several complaints from customers about poor services, before the name change.

Greg added that apart from complaints of unsatisfactory services, the restaurant while it was still Greter Restaurant was run aground by the old management, adding that all these necessitated the changes customers are now witnessing.

The Juice –Box boss explained that people in the locality and those who do business in the area needed a place where they can relax after the day’s job and unwind before they finally go to their respective homes.

The manager lamented that Greter, which has been in existence since 2012 before the name was finally changed was experiencing low patronage, which often times lead to huge left over after each day’s business.

Greg stated that the feedback, he got from the interaction with customers played a very vital role in the repositioning and re-branding of the restaurant, adding that for now the restaurant is strictly for ‘swallows’; which comprises of eba, akpu, wheat and semovita with variety of soups.

Other innovations, which the new manager is introducing to bring back old customers and win new ones, are barbeque spot and showing live European Leagues matches and other sports, adding that the restaurant has already installed four flat screen televisions for this purpose.

The manager also stated that as part of the changes, DJ Murphy would be on hand daily to provide scintillating tunes to the customers while they eat their food, drink chilled bear or enjoying their tasty barbeque.

According to him, “Our customers have been complaining that they need a spot where they can relax and unwind before they finally leave for home because they come from far places. Most times we have left over and we ask them, they say they don’t want to just come, eat and go. They want a place they can relax.”

He continued, “Customers have been pestering us to re-open and improve our services and we listened to them and we also took advantage of the fact that there is no restaurant within the locality to bring in changes such as showing live European league matches and sports, stay late before going him.”

Speaking on the restaurant’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP), Greg said “the introduction of live football matches from Europe and other sports.”

He promised to provide satisfactory services to customers, adding that “If you treat your customers well, they will always come back.”

On security, the manager stated that in view of the location of the restaurant, he had contacted a private security firm that would supply the organisation security guards to take charge, assuring customers that there will be adequate security.

“Customers should not bother themselves about the security of the place because it has been taken care of” he said.

He made it categorically clear that the fact that there is music does not make it a club but that it is a restaurant.



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