Policeman Breaks Shuttle Car Windscreen With Stick At Lagos Airport

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A Policeman simply known as Biodun attached to the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos Terminal Two(MMA2)exit gate  yesterday broke the back  windscreen of an airport shuttle car with registration number BDG30EF with a stick over alleged  refusal by  the driver  to part with N100.

The Limousine Airport Shuttle driver and the passengers, who could not believe their eyes with the way the policeman used a long stick to break the wind screen, were seen arguing with the policeman, who was trying to justify his action.

The policeman argued that it was not money issue but that the driver attempted to hit him.

The policeman, who after breaking the windscreen claimed that he tried to stop, the car but that the driver wanted to hit him with the car, as a result he broke the back wing screen.

He was however told by one of the passengers that there were other ways of arresting an erring Limousine driver, who operates from Ikeja to NAHCo or Airport as the case may be daily.

As the passengers were blaming the Policemen for breaking the wind screen and for acting unprofessionally, some Policemen including an Assistant Superintendent of Police(ASP) female and one Inspector came to douse the tension by assuring the driver that she would take the case straight to her Divisional Police Officer(DPO).

While this was going, the embattled Policeman, who before now was carrying the stick he used to break the windscreen was seen hiding the stick at the small kiosk created for traffic wardens, after which he was also seen using his dirty reflective jacket to cover his name and Force number which begins with 398 from  the eagle eyed journalists, who were around.

Meanwhile, some of the drivers ,who spoke to Abelnewsng.com  on the condition of anonymity for fear of been harassed by Policemen, alleged that it has been the habit of the Policeman to demand for money from Limousine operators , adding that he has turned the place into a toll gate.

One of the drivers stated what the policeman is doing at MMA2 exit point was what he had been doing where he came from.

Contacted, the Divisional Police Officer(DPO), MMA , Mrs Gloria Sanni said that the driver involved has not reported the case to her ,adding that there was no way she would settle a matter without a case without a complainant.

However, when Abelnewsng.com spoke to one of the drivers today, March 12, 2017, on the condition of anonymity, he said that the matter has been settled, as the policeman and the driver went to see the owner after which the matter was resolved.

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