I Inherited 37 Accident Investigations—Olateru, AIB Boss


… To Make 10 Accident Reports Ready By The End Of This Year

…Four Accident Reports To Be Made Public Next  Week

Chief Executive Officer of AIB, Engr. Akin Olateru has disclosed that he inherited 37 air accident investigations, when he assumed duty January.

This is just as he stated that four accident reports involving: Dana aircraft, two Bristow Helicopters and OAS, adding that reports of these accidents would be forwarded to the Presidency.

“Let me give you an example, I took over AIB on January 13, 2017, there were 37 pending accident investigation and the first question I asked was how many accidents do we have in a year that we have 37 pending accident investigation? Today, I’m proud to tell you, four reports are on their way to the president including Dana, two Britstow and AOS Helicopters reports. And by next week, we will make them official reports.”

Recalled that Dana accident occurred on June 3, 2012 killing all the passengers on board, while one of the Bristow Helicopters happen on August 12, 2015 with six casualties and six survivors, another Bristow Helicopter with registration No 5B -BJQ on an off shore business with nine passengers and two crew was ditched inside the Lagos Lagoon without any casualty on February 3,2016 while that OAS happened July 29,2011

He spoke at Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative (ASRTI) Quarter March 2017, Breakfast Meeting at Golfview Hotel and Suite, Lagos today.

Olateru also revealed that all things being equall,10 accident reports would be ready by the end of the year, lamenting that an accident investigation such a AIB does not have helicopter pilots despite the fact that majority of the incidents  were choppers.

According to him, “Before the end of this year, by the special grace of God, we will release a minimum of 10 reports.”

He continued, “There must be a big paradigm shift in the way we do things. In AIB, I always say we have only one and half pilots in the bureau. It is one and half because we have a fresh one who is just joining us. Is that the kind of manpower that can actually investigate accident reports? We have more helicopter incidents than fixed wing incidents in this industry, yet, you don’t have one single helicopter pilot in AIB. We don’t have anything close to helicopter pilot in AIB. These are the issues I’m taking up with the honourable minister and he’s willing to support. We need to strength the system and we can’t just fold our hands.”

Other things lacking at AIB according to him is the emergency Rescue Unit, where rescue could either by reporting or coordinating activities and control room.

The AIB boss said that he wants to make the accident reporting seamless, adding that the Police don’t know what to do during accident and that he would meet with the Assistant Inspector General of Police on the matter.





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