We Are On A Rescue Mission At Arik Air —-AMCON Receiver Manager


…Airline Will Challenge Take Over In The Highest Court—-Capt Ado

The Receiver Manager appointed Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) to manage the operations of Arik Air, Oluseye Opasanya, SAN, has said that the corporation’s mission at the embattled airline is to rescue, enhance, sustain its operations and provide satisfactory service to air passengers.

He spoke to journalists few minutes after the corporation released an online statement disclosing that it has finally taken over the operations of the airline and also appointed a Receiver Manager for the entity.

He stated that AMCON having consulted with government of authorities decided to appoint him to superintend over the affairs of the airline, adding that his, mission at Arik “Is to supervise, sustain the operations, improve service and ensure that we support Arik Air with people of deep knowledge, experience and commitment Arik and the airline industry.”

He continued, “AMCON is willing to support the operations of Arik and together with government we will meet the immediate essential needs of the airline. We are aware that there is a need to reach out to other creditors both foreign and local in order to secure their cooperation and commitment of the business. I hope the media will convey these messages to the stakeholders that will enhance and not bring down the airline.’

On the amount of debt owed AMCON by Arik Air, Opasanya stated that the indebtedness to the corporation was huge but declined to mention specific figure.

“For now I would prefer not to mention figures. The mission is to rescue the airline and if we begin to talk about the nature of indebtedness, the information may be harmful. Management believes in the commitment I have made and believe in the airline” he said.

But investigation by revealed that the airline’s debt to AMCON alone is about N135 billion.

The Receiver Manager stated that he had earlier in the day met with the workers and management of the airline, adding that through the media they would inform other stakeholders of AMCON’s commitment to keep the airline flying and also relevant to the industry.

On the next step he would take now that he is the Receiver Manager, Opasanya, “The next step is to run the business, make staff happy and keep the airline’s airplanes in the air.

The AMCON appointed Receiver Manager, stated that he would search and recover the entire airline’s aircraft wherever they are in the world.

On the life span of AMCON at Arik Air, the Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) said, “If you can help us to complete our mission today, we will leave the next day. I am sure that aware of the plight air passengers. Arik Air is national pride.

Meanwhile, the Vice-President, Flight Operations and Deputy Managing Director of Arik Air , Capt Ado Sanusi declared that the airline will challenge the takeover of Arik Air by AMCON, adding that the airline was served a court order and that since the order was a genuine one , the airline will comply.

According to him, “Were were served a court order and it was a genuine court order appointing Oluseye Opasanya as the Receiver Manager. We will comply with the order and I want to make it clear that we have the right to challenge the court order and it is going to be a legal battle. We will challenge it to the highest court.”

He continued, “We have agreed to run and operate the airline. We have also agreed that Arik’s operations must not paralyse. In the coming days we will make our stand known through our spokesman.”





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