Tension Mounts In Shasha Over Lingering Power Cut By Ikeja DisCo


…As Communities Frown At Estimated Billing By Electricity Company

 Trouble is brewing between the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company(IKEDC) and communities in Shasha, Alimosho Local Government Area (LGA) of Lagos State following the former’s refusal to supply electricity to the people despite several complaints by the residents.

At the moment frosty relationship between IKEDC and Shasha communities is generating tension in the area because the power company has failed electricity to the area.

Residents of Shasha, who spoke to Abelnews on the condition of anonymity, accused IKEDC officials at the Akowonjo Business Unit responsible for maintaining electricity in the area of deliberately making life unbearable for them by constantly by refusing the area power.

Besides the power outages experienced by the people, the community also accused IKEDC of criminally billing the community based on estimated consumption.

The residents stated that while it had been acknowledged in many parts of Lagos that citizens now enjoy a relative regular power supply, they however alleged that Shasha communities have been subjected to total darkness by IKEDC officials under the guise that they could not detect the fault that led to a spark on one of the cables at the Ejigbo station for one month running.

According to the residents, the IKEDC officials rather than assign professionals among them to rectify the problem, have been playing the hide seek game with the situation and this they claimed which has grossly affected businesses in the entire community.

They alleged that IKEDC officials were looking for an opportunity to extort money from the people in Shasha.

The residents stated that prior to the last development, the communities in Shasha under the aegis of Shasha General Community Development Association had written several petitions to the Business Manager, IKEDC, Akowonjo Business Unit, Ponle, Lagos, complaining about the erratic power supply in the area.

 Abelnews learnt that the latest of such letters is the one titled,  “Erratic Power Supply: A Menace To Our Community’, signed by Comrade Oniyide Paul, Alhaji M.A Iginla, Chairman and Secretary of the Electricity Committee in the area respectively, condemned the issue of epileptic power supply which they said was becoming endemic and intolerable.

According to the letter, “The entire community is presently experiencing ceaseless and perpetual darkness prolonging for months. This incessant power outage has been a growing concern among the inhabitants.”

The online platform learnt that the communities in the petition had demanded for improved power supply, provision of meters and an immediate stop to the extortion of residents.

“It is expedient to note that tension is high in our community and so immediate response from you will go a long way in bringing relief” The letter reads in part.

Communities affected by the power cut includes: Abule Aketu, Oguntade, Aiyedade, Bammeke, Jaiye Oba and Orisumbare.


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