Blank Receipt Refusal: Naval Ratings Beat Petrol Attendant, Supervisor At Lagos Airport

…Threatens To Deal With Station Manager
Two Naval ratings yesterday went berserk at Forte Oil at the domestic wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA),Lagos yesterday slapping a petrol attendant severally at the filling station for refusing to issue them a blank receipt after purchasing petrol worth N5,000.
They equally beat up the Supervisor of the station for daring to record the incident.

The Naval Rating that allegedly slapped the petrol attendant
The Naval Rating that allegedly slapped the petrol attendant learnt that the Naval ratings were said to have slapped the attendant Alao Seun severally and broke his eye glasses.
An eyewitness Cornelius Nwachukwu, who spoke to stated that trouble started when one of the ratings identified as Nwaigwe H. I. bought petrol worth N5,000 at the Forte Oil close to the Domestic Police Station in a naval vehicle with registration number A2 176NN and told the attendant, Alao Seun, to give him a blank receipt.
At that point, Nwachukwu stated that Seun told the Naval rating politely that the petrol station does not indulge in such practice and what they (attendants)do is to issue customers the correct value of the petrol they buy.
The eyewitness added that the Naval rating forcefully tore the receipt and put it in his pocket and that it was at that point that the Manager of the station simply known as Biggy ordered that both the entrance and the exit gate of the filling station be locked to prevent the Naval rating from leaving the station with the car.
“The policy of this station is that when you buy fuel, we give you receipt for the fuel you buy,” Seun reportedly told the rating.
Nwanchukwu further stated that when the rating heard that he rained blows on the helpless attendant.
Nwachukwu added that when Naval ratings left the petrol stations one of them threatened that they would return to deal with the manager of the station.
When contacted on the telephone, Biggy confirmed the incident saying “one of the ratings threatened that they would come back and deal with me.”
He said he had reported the case to the police, adding that he would not have bothered to report the matter if not for the threat.
The manager stated that it took the intervention of the soldiers close to the station and one Air Force officer to stop the rating from beating the attendant.
Biggy also confirmed that the supervisor of the station was assaulted as well for daring to record the incident with his mobile phone.
“While he was recording, one of the ratings was shouting, “Why are you recording me? Are you a journalist?
The Divisional Police Officer, Domestic Police Station, Mr Augustine Osadebe could not be reached for comments but a police man who also witnessed the incident and who spoke on the condition of anonymity told that the case had been with the police .