Monitor Flights From Middle, Far East, South Africa Security Expert Tells NDLEA

Aviation Security Expert and the Chief Executive Officer of Centurion Securities, Group Capt. John Ojikutu (rtd) has advised the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to beam its search light on flights from Middle and Far East, East and South Africa.
Ojikutu’s  advice is coming on the heels of Emirates flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Dubai, United Arab Emirates that was forced to make emergency landing at the international wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA), Lagos due to due to the deteriorating health condition of a suspected cocaine traffickers.
He posited that the anti drug agency alone or passengers on the route or coming from Brazil, as other routes such as the flight operations from the Middle East and South Africa are routes operated by traffickers.
According to him, “The NDLEA search light on cocaine traffickers should not be on Emirate flights alone or on passengers coming from Brazil; focus should be on all flights from Middle & Far East, East & South Africa, especially, Middle East, Egypt, Ethiopian, Kenyan Airlines, etc.”
Proper attention,the former Military Airport Commandant for MMIA hinted must be given to passengers on Ethiopian Airlines especially the flights to Enugu, adding that these are the airlines and their routes for more than four decades.
The Security Expert stated that in Nigerian, it should not be difficult to identify the passengers as the trends had always been from a particular geographical area.
In his words, “I knew this way back in 1987 on my way to Kenya and 1990/94, when l was the Military Airport Commandant for MMIA. That was the reason for approving Ethiopian airline flying to Enugu by the minister that did it and at the time it was done.”
The Centurion boss pointed out that Ethiopian airline was the original trafficking flight, wondering how many traffickers has d NDLEA interdicted at Enugu airport since Ethiopian airlines has been operating to Enugu airport
“Compare the passengers’ traffic on that flight to Enugu Airport with the traffic on same flight to Lagos.
Recalled that NDLEA Commander at the international wing of Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA) Lagos, Mr. Ahmadu Garba had disclosed that an Emirates flight left Sao Paulo, Brazil to Dubai was forced to come to Lagos due to the health condition of a passenger on board, who ingested cocaine.
According to him, “A passenger complained of severe abdominal pains and later suffered three recurrent seizures thus necessitating an emergency landing in Lagos. Upon arrival, four passengers tested positive for narcotic ingestion. They are Okeh Desmond, Ezeanya Nnaemeka, Christopher Nonso and Chibusi Promise.”
Recalled that the NDLEA has beamed its search light on flights originating from Brazil and Dubai in recent times because of its notoriety in cocaine trafficking.