NAHCo Aviance Explains Response To Fire Threat Excellent

The Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc (NAHCo Aviance) has explained that a power surge in its server room caused some cables to spark, which made the fire suppressant in the highly- equipped ICT strong room to respond automatically by putting out the fire and at the same time raising the alarm.
The Manager, Communications and Corporate Services, NAHCo Aviance, Mr Tayo Ajakaye made the explanation in an online statement made available to AbelNews.
Ajakaye described as excellent the ground handling’s response to the electricity spark that nearly caused a fire in its Head Office on Friday.
He disclosed that during the incident staff assembled at the Fire Assembly point while the Airport Fire advised staff to stay out for a few more minutes while the smoke released by the suppressant disperses.
According him, “The whole incident, which started around 12.20 pm was caused by a heavy surge in the public power supplied to the Company; and by 1.00PM, all NAHCo staff were back at their desks.”
He stated that this goes to show that the heavy investment in high tech equipment made by the company had not been in vain.
The NAHCo Aviance’ spokesman commended the immediate response of the Airport Fire Service, who according to him responded to the aborted emergency.
In his words, “We really commend the swift response of the Airport Fire Service. It goes to show that in the Airport environment, we are all one. We work together for the good of the industry and the nation.”