Leadership, Nigeria’s Greatest Problem— US, University Don

Prof . Igboaka Pix Courtesy :nigeriatravelsmart.com

Prof . Igboaka
Pix Courtesy :nigeriatravelsmart.com

A Professor of Communication, Kenth State University, United States, Primus Igboaka, has stated that Nigeria has the greatest brains in the world but that what Nigeria is lacking is leadership.
He said this while speaking with journalists at the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA), Lagos at the weekend.
Igboaka argued that Nigeria has the brain to turn the country around but that one of the country’s greatest problems is lack of leadership.
and that leadership is about serving people.
He added that leadership is about serving, helping the people and that the betterment of a society is not judged by individual wealth but by collective wealth.
Igboaka, who is also the Coordinator Transparent Leadership Forum based in Atlanta ,posited that the body’s goal was to make sure that leaders, who pauperise Nigerian people do not go un-punish, calling for a mass orientation for the Nigerian people on the fight against corruption.
He called on President Muhammadu Buhari to go ahead with the anti-corruption fight, but that it should not be a selective fight.
Buhari, he said should rejuvenate the hope of Nigerians and that he should not be distracted by the comments some people are making as he continues the fight against corruption.
On the formation of the Nigeria-USA Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC), the Kenth State University communication expert, explained that it was formed to correct the wrong impression that Nigeria is not safe for business.
He disclosed that the body has organised business meetings in both Ohio and Washington, adding that in 2012 for example the chamber organised a business forum at Sheraton Hotels in Nigeria and that in that year 24 businesses worth $2.5 billion were brought into the country.
Igboaka added that several United States companies ranging from real estate, transport logistics construction, courier services, and cosmetics others attend the forum.
He called on the Federal Government to relax the monetary policy on business in the country, lamenting that Nigeria is one of the hardest place to do business.
He stated that while he was in favour of blocking the loopholes to prevent corruption, the existing businesses in the country should not be strangulated.
According to him, “I have discovered that Nigeria is the hardest place to do business .The Federal Government should create a conducive atmosphere for businesses to thrive.”