Ladder Crisis: We Don’t Handle Aero’s Bauchi Operations—NAHCo Aviance

The Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc (NAHCo Aviance),.the leading ground handling company in the country, has said that it does not handle Aero’s operations at Bauchi Airport contrary to speculations making the rounds.
The clarification was made by the Manager, Corporate Communications, NAHCo Aviance, Mr Tayo Ajakaye at the weekend in Lagos.
He noted that the company’s attention has been drawn to reports making rounds on the social media to the effect that it was its failure to provide handling service to one of its esteemed clients, Aero Contractors that caused passengers of the airline to disembark with ladder at the Bauchi Airport.
According to him, “Nothing can be further from the truth. NAHCo does not have operations in Bauchi. This fact is well known to both Aero and all our client airlines. So, for Aero to embark on that chartered flight to Bauchi, it definitely would have made its own private arrangements.”
He continued, “Aero’s statement in this regard is particularly clear. It never mentioned NAHCo, nor for that matter, any ground handler as the reason it had to innovate.”
He advised that bloggers and writers generally should try and do a little homework before going online to post what they believed was expert knowledge, adding that it is share laziness for anyone who called himself a respected blogger not to find out what happened from NAHCo, or even Aero, before going online to spread misinformation without bothering what harm he was doing to others.