Women Aviation Professionals Warned Against Over Working

A Motivational Speaker, Mrs ID Ogufere, has warned women against over stressing themselves; understand their limit as women and to also learn to say no to people if they cannot help them.
She gave the advice while speaking at the Health Week organised by Women In Aviation (WIA) at the international wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA), Lagos.
The motivational, who is also a coach and writer, stated that there had been so much attention on what women were doing and what affects them.
She told WIA that women were created by God for special purpose, adding that women have unique role to play and that as good managers they were bound to succeed in any venture.
She told the over 100 Women In Aviation (WIA) that there were a lot of information on the internet that could change their lives, urging them to take advantage of this to develop themselves.
According to him, “Any woman that can deal with the tantrum of two years old can run an organisation”.
The writer informed the women that Lagos has zero tolerance for domestic violence against women, urging women to always speak up and stop concealing such practice.
She stated that many women are battered daily but that these incidents were never reported, adding that these women also claimed that they kept quiet because of the children.
Ogufere advised WIA to imbibe the principle of strong corporate governance and that it would help them to evaluate themselves and move forward.
She listed the principles of corporate governance to include; life plan and goals, ethical behavior, self –reflection, dealing with stress, personal development and personal interest and passion.
On dealing with stress, Ogufere stated that women must understand their limit as women, just as she warned them against worrying too much and to also learn to say no, when people want their help and they cannot assist.
“Women worry too much. They should always learn to say no.” she said
She also spoke on SWOT; Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat, but laid much emphasis on weakness and threat.
She called on the women not brush aside their weakness when detected, warning that it could cost them their careers if not addressed.
On personal development, the former banker urged them to develop themselves and not to wait for any company to develop them, adding that it was their responsibility to do so.