Inclement Weather Forces United Nigeria Airlines Flight To   Makes Air Return

Pix source : Business Highlights

United Nigeria Airlines said that its flight that departed Port Harcourt Airport  to Abuja made an air return to Port Harcourt  today die to inclement weather.

A statement signed by the airline’s Head, Corporate Communications, Achilleus-Chud Uchegbu explained that the Abuja bound flight departed Port Harcourt  with clear and good weather forecast but that on approaching Abuja experienced moderate turbulence, which necessitated diverting back to Port Harcourt as weather conditions were below our operating requirements.

Uchegbu in the statement said that the crew took the required and professional decision to return to Port Harcourt, adding that at no time was the flight or aircraft in any danger whatsoever.

“Our experienced crew acted with utmost professionalism which the passengers highly and profusely commended and complimented.

“They praised United Nigeria Airlines for its high standards as well as professionalism. We however understand that passengers react to weather turbulence in different ways, but it would help to verify facts before going the social media route.

“At United Nigeria, we take safety seriously and as our number one priority and we reassure you that our crew exercise utmost care in all situations.

“We are in the rainy season and flight disruptions and turbulence will be experienced which regular travelers like you are well aware of.
“We hope you will provide accurate information to the public.” Uchegbu  said.

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