Dana Air Condemns Passenger  Violent Attack On Staff, Destruction Of Airline’s Facilities At Abuja Airport 






Dana Air Management has condemned the alleged violent attack on his staff and destruction of its facilities at the Nnamdi  Azikiwe Abuja(NAA),Abuja  by a passenger named Dr. Chike Okogwu.

According to Dana Air , Dr. Chike was alleged to have inflicted injuries on the airline staff and destroyed booking systems at our Abuja station on December 20,2020.

According to the airline’s Media  and Communications Manager, Mr. Kingsley Ezenwa, “the passenger (a PWD Person With Disability),who we regard as Special Passengers at Dana Air, got to our counter yesterday, 20th December 2020 at about 8pm for his flight and when our Duty Manager noticed him in the midst of the upsurge of passengers, approached him and politely explained to him that as a matter of policy, comfort and safety of our guests, we do not carry Special Passengers at night while offering to check him in first, on the 7am flight the next day”.

Narrating further, Ezenwa said the the passenger blatantly refused the offer and went violent on the Duty Manager causing her injuries in the process alleging  that  the same passenger also went further to destroy the airline’s check-in systems, chairs,  COVID-19 protective glass shields and weighing machines at the airline’s counter in Abuja,adding that the carrier has  video evidence  to that effect.

Ezenwa in the statement said that Dr. Chike  has enjoyed the luxury of flying with Dana Air  for many years even as other airlines have totally refused to even sell tickets to him as a result of his reputation of verbally attacking able-bodied staff assigned to assist him whenever he is flying.

He added that apart from this reason why other airlines avoid him, Dr . Chike knows that Dana Air is among the few airlines that accepts Persons with Disability with a policy which we expect them to follow strictly in their own interest and in the interest of safety.

The statement said,  “While we acknowledge and regret  the frustrations of our guests at this time and working round the clock to resolve the undesirable issues our guests are experiencing, we wish to state without an iota of doubt that Dana Air has never, and will never as a brand; discriminate against ANY passenger no matter the circumstance.

“Dana Air will also not tolerate any acts of violence against any of her staff, passengers or property and as a law abiding corporate citizen of Nigeria, we urge Dr. Chike Okogwu to be civil in his engagements as everything we do at Dana Air will always be in the interest of safety. “

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