Bubez Foods Exports 8 Tons Of Nigerian-Made Pap To Europe



It was a cheering news today as Bubez Foods, a Nigerian company branded and commenced the export of  8 tons of  Nigerian-made pap to the United Kingdom with encouragement and support from   the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Free On Board (FOB)Global Logistics and  the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company(NAHCo).

Speaking to journalists at a media briefing at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport(MMIA),Lagos to herald the commencement of pap export, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bubez Foods, Miss Ijeoma Ndukwe, explained that the company embarked on the export of Bubez pap to Europe and America following the support received from the NEPC .

She further explained that the 8 tons of pap exported by her organisation would increase revenue generation for the country, adding that the company was targeting 20 per cent of the 35 million Nigerians in Europe.

The Bubez CEO, who was excited with the commencement of the pap export commended NEPC, Free On Board (FOB) Global Logistics and  the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company(NAHCo) for making it possible for the product to be exported.

She noted that Bubez was planning to export the product to America aside the United Kingdom and that with this breakthrough demands for Foreign Exchange (Forex) would reduce.

The pap, Ndukwe explained, was able to pass the European and American integrity tests before it approved for export being exported.

Bubez Food, the CEO said is planning to export 450 million tons of pap yearly.

On the profile, of the company, Ndukwe stated that the company was established eight years ago, but went into export of perishable goods close to five years ago,

Speaking further, Ndukwe stated that with proper packaging and branding, Nigerian goods would be acceptable worldwide

According to her, “This present product would be shipped to the United Kingdom today and arrive there tomorrow (Thursday).  This product has passed Europe and America integrity tests. It was shipped to NAHCo warehouse on October 1, 2020, which is about a week ago, but despite this, the taste remains the same. It shows you the amount of effort we put into place to come out with what we have today.”

She continued, “We have been talking about the government creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurs. This for me is an enabling environment. We now have a system where goods including perishable cargo can be stored and get to their destinations quickly. This to me is faster and won’t have to wait for three months before it gets to the end-users. This will be in the United Kingdom by tomorrow (Thursday).”

Also speaking, the Managing Director, FOB Global Logistics, Mr. Oluwajimi Adebakin, appealed to the Federal Government to re-establish a national carrier for Nigeria, adding that the country having a national would make export of products not only easier but also cheaper.

He commended Ethiopian Airline Cargo for collaborating with FOB to ensure seamless export of pap and other products.

The FOB Global Logistics  boss disclosed that before the end of October the company would export an additional 100 tons of Nigerian goods to Europe.

On his part, the Executive Director, NEPC, Mr. Segun Awolowo, who was also happy with the development, said that it was a good thing the company is exporting Nigerian products to Europe.

Awolowo who was represented by the Regional Coordinator, South West, NEPC, Mr. Samuel Oyeyipo vision of the Council is to encourage exporters to export Nigerian products to other countries.

Nigeria, he stated, was gradually diversifying its economy from oil  to non-oil  economy, adding that the process of exporting the pap was not only seamless but that it also met all the international standards before it was accepted.

The Business Manager, Export, NAHCo, Segun Fagbemi, while speaking at the event revealed that the volume of cargo exported at NAHCo was between 400-500 tons monthly for several years, but that it had increased to one million tons.

He attributed the increase to government policy, which according to him encourages non-oil revenues and exports.

He hinted that NAHCo was targeting the export of four million tons of cargo from its warehouse monthly and that the company has the capacity to accommodate such a volume of goods.

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