Route Deal: Always Involve NCAA, Aviation Ministry, Embassy, Capt. Nuhu Advises Nigerian Airlines

* Capt. Musa Nuhu


The Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Capt Musa Nuhu has advised Nigerian airlines to always involve the regulatory body, Nigeria Embassy in that country and the Aviation Ministry when negotiating their services.

Nuhu  gave the advise when speaking at  the  League of Airports and Aviation Correspondents(LAAC) Gateway Forum  via Zoom in Lagos.

He added that there is no way Nigerian private airlines will go and negotiate with a government organisation that is protecting its own airlines and not run into problems.

“The advice I will give the airlines is that if you are going to another country to negotiate your services, you should involve the regulatory body, the ministry of aviation and also your embassy in that country. If you as a private organisation you go and negotiate with a government entity that is trying to protect its own airlines, you are going to run into difficulties, but you involve Ministry of Aviation officials, NCAA officials and Embassy officials, the country knows that if they make things difficult for our airlines, we will apply the same reciprocity measures to their airlines, so it make a big difference.

“A lot of airlines go and do the deal themselves. They should involve us, carry us along, brief us, we are here to help our airlines grow both domestically, regionally and internationally. I hear them talking about aero-politics, yes, an airline from Nigeria want to go compete with an airline of another country on their route, of course they will it difficult for you but when carry NCAA officials along, it make a difference, if you unreasonable demands on my airlines, I will apply the same to your airlines coming into my country, so it is to their benefits for everyone to come out with good terms for all the airlines,”

On the regulation of mast in the country, he stated that the regulatory body has started building a data base of all the masts called electronic terrain and obstacle data base.

According to him, “Currently we are building a database call the electronic terrain and obstacle data base, if we can implement it and go live, that will enable with the help of the federal government helicopter to fly at night, we are trying to capture all the obstruction that is out there because everybody flies.”

Nuhu, who explained that the height clearance is a regulatory function of NCAA which is in its regulations that has been signed and passed by the government, adding that the agency is currently dealing with all the communication companies.

“We are in contacts and deliberations with them, some of them have made part payment and we are working toward getting the remaining payment.

“Part of our statutory responsibility is to identify obstruction within and around the airports, in the past there are all kind of erected masts constituting obstructions all around and we directed them to come to us to obtain a height clearance certificate, we are not using it to rake in money, it is base on cost recovery,” Nuhu said.

These masts, the Director General said have constituted a lot of safety hazard for  airplanes and that NCAA is trying to do a better job to prevent accident by these oversight.

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