Ethiopian Airlines Begins Linking Of Nigeria To Global Network Tomorrow  

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Ethiopian Airlines  has stated that effective from tomorrow, Monday, September 7, 2020,it would link Nigeria to its Global Network of over 70 destinations that are open for flights including Toronto, Washington DC,Chicago, Newwark,London, Pari and Manchester.

A statement signed by Tilahun Tadesse for Ethiopian Airlines,
Nigeria, explained that  Abuja will be  on the 7th and Lagos on the 8th,adding that Abuja will be served with the Airbus A350 every day while Lagos will be served with B777 aircraft four times weekly.

The statement added that during the lockdown Ethiopian Airlines handled evacuation flights from America on behalf the Nigerian Government and also to America for the American Government.
The airline said that before the closure of the airspace Ethiopian Airlines maintained fliights to Lagos,Abuja,Enugu and Kano but will be flying to Lagos and Abuja as the qpproved airports for now.

The airline will be providing its known world class services to passengers while respecting the rules and protocols imposed by the countries.

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