FG Approves Construction Of AIB Headquarters, Training School In Abuja

* Commissioner /CEO, AIB,Nigeria , Engr. Akin Olateru




…I Used To Hawk Boiled Corn In Ogbomoso–Olateru

As part of efforts to ensure that Accident T Investigation Bureau (AIB) , Nigeria gets world class investigators to take on any incident and accident investigation, the Federal Executive Council(FEC) has approved  the  construction of the Bureau’s headquarters and  training school in Abuja.

This is just as he also revealed that he hawked boiled corn in his growing days in Ogbomoso

The Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of AIB, Engr. Akin Olateru, made this known while speaking at the League of Airports and Aviation Correspondents (LAAC) Gateway Forum via Zoom yesterday on the projects the agency is embarking on aside from the Flight Safety and Material Science Laboratory in Abuja .

“Currently, the Federal Executive Council (FEC) approved construction of AIB headquarters and AIB training school in Abuja. These projects have started; we have two laboratories; flight safety and material science. For the material science laboratory, it’s a work in progress because we want to transform the material science lab to an avenue where we can make money. We cannot charge for what we do. We don’t charge for accident investigation; we don’t invoice anybody. We can look for little areas where we can use our resources to make money. That is the way we are going so that we can address the issue of funding,’ Olateru said.

Fielding question on whether the establishment of the AIB Training School will not be in conflict with what that of the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) , Olateru said that AIB was not licenced to train  and that establishing the school was in conjunction with the college

“First and foremost, we are doing this in conjunction with NCAT, we are not licensed to train, but NCAT is. We developed this curriculum together with great inputs from world-class institutions around the world, because this is new to NCAT as well.

“Once the training school is built, we will move in. We want to produce world-class training with what we are trying to achieve so that we can make the best from what we are trying to do,” he said.

…I Used To Hawk Boiled Corn In Ogbomoso

Sharing his growing up with over 40 aviation correspondents Olateru revealed that he used to hawk  boiled corn in Ogbomoso in Osun State when he was in primary school but that today  people think everything was rosy for him right from childhood.

In his words, “I have a very humble background. Growing up wasn’t a silver spoon. I used to hawk when I finished school. You can imagine that kind of growing up as a child. But, one thing that I can say has really helped me is the way my mother handled us while growing up. It’s about what’s next. She’s doing a task and you are there watching as a child, she wants you to think ahead and do the next thing.  My mother didn’t have any patience for mediocrity. She will beat the hell out of you. She was a strong disciplinarian. That forced me to always be thinking of what next. This is why I just don’t rest. If I achieve something, I am asking myself ‘what next?’ This has really helped me to achieve discipline. It is making sure you are disciplined, making sure you are honest and you don’t take something that doesn’t belong to you. She had to force so many things on us growing up and that really played a major role in who I am today.”

He continued, “I used to hawk boiled corn in Ogbomoso in Osun State when I was in primary school and when people see me today, they think everything was rosy for me right from childhood, but that is not true. When you finish eating, you have to share a piece of meat with five or six of us. We grew up where there was no wardrobe, no dining table. You sit on the floor or on a stool. There was no formality to eating. That was the kind of upbringing I had, but to the glory of God, we have been able to improve on that. That is all I can say.”

Speaking further, the AIB- Nigeria boss pointed out that it is very rare for people to reproduce themselves, adding that when parents give their children all they need, they have taken one chunk of learning from them because parents are left to do all the thinking.

According to him, “You buy them shoes, they don’t have to worry about where all these things will come from, but when you make somebody hungry, then, they will appreciate the need to have good food. When you make it easy, they miss out on the big lesson of life.

“So, you look around us today, the most successful people today, who was or is their father? Did you hear their father’s name? Most successful people are from a humble background. That is what really propels them. I used to go to the stream with my sister. I had to device a way to help myself to carry a bucket of water on my head because two of us will go to the stream to fetch water, I will help her and there is nobody to help me. I will take the bucket to a nearby tree, I will put my foot on it, put the bucket on my knees. I just had to work things out. Problem solving; that was how we grew, but if you give your children all they need, you are doing injustice to them because you are not equipping them on how to survive. “


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