SAHCo PLC  Compels Senior Manager, Ochai Adamu To Resign After 21 Years  


…Accuses SAHCo  PLC Of Singling Him Out For Resignation Without Following Proper Procedure      

…He Resigned Voluntarily Ground Handler Insists

Trouble is brewing between a Senior Manger of Skyway Aviation Handling Company (SAHCo),Plc, Mr Ochai Adamu and the management of the ground handling company  for allegedly forcing him to resign his  appointment, having worked for the organisation for 21 years.

Ochai, who said he was shocked to his bone marrow when he was given the termination letter by the Assistant General Manager, Human Resources, Mr. Folorunso Elegbede, added that he did not commit any offence or did Elegbede give any reason why his appointment was terminated.

Narrating his ordeal to AbelNews, Ochai said that Elegbede called him into his office and said that his (Ochai’s) services was no longer required

He added that after that Folorunso brought out a letter terminating his appointment, which he Elegbede asked him to sign but that he refused, demanding to know why he was sacked without any query or disciplinary action.

Ochai stated that he initially rejected the letter based on the fact that he did not commit any offence; steal, fight or damage the company’s property for 21 years.

He also told AbelNews that the Assistant General Manager Human Resources compelled him to accept the letter by telling him that he can convert the termination to resignation and that he would give him a paper for him to write that he Ochai has resigned.

The Senior Manager stated that when he asked Elegbede if he could write the resignation letter and bring it the next day, he refused.

Ochai stated that it was after he wrote the letter that Elegbede now change the heading of the letter to ‘Acceptance of Resignation’

“ l can give you option to resign and l asked him, can l bring the letter tomorrow, he said no  but that he can give me a paper to write right there. l now wrote a letter  for resignation immediately and give it to him ,it is then he now changed the heading to Acceptance of resignation. ls that the law?

“The company is not right sizing people. They singlehandedly sent me away without following the proper procedure because l have nobody among the management team. After 21 good years as a Senior Manager, is this how l should be treated? Without fair hearing?

Contacted, the Manager, Corporate Communications SAHCo, Mrs. Adetola Vanessa Uansohia said, “He resigned voluntarily and we accepted his resignation. We have evidence to this effect! We have fully paid his entitlements.”




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