Aero Begins Strategic Repositioning, Unveils New Face Of Cabin Crew

* The Chief Executive Officer of Aero , Capt. Ado Sanusi and other officials of the airline at the unveiling of the New Face of carrier's Cabin Crew event at the Murtala Muhammed Airport(MMA2),Lagos, today.


…Launches New Routes, Re-Opens Suspended Ones

As part of its repositioning strategy, Aero Contractor today unveiled the new face of its Cabin Crew and also disclosed its new routes.

Chief Executive Officer, Aero Contractor, Capt. Ado Sanusi, who was at the unveiling ceremony, stated that the essence of the event that was held at the Murtala Muhammed Airport(MMA2) was show its passengers the new look of its Cabin Crew.

The gathering today, added was equally to celebrate what the company achieved in the last 24 months that he has been in the helms of affairs.

Speaking to a select aviation journalists, Sanusi said,We are celebrating the new face of the cabin crew of Aero Contractors and we are also unveiling the success that have been achieved over the last 24 months that I have been in the seat of managing the airline. The first thing we did was to unveil the new face of cabin services and also to tell you that we are opening new routes to serve our passengers better.”

* Aero’s rebranded Cabin Crew posing for the press at MMA2,Lagos

He continued, “What we have done today is that we are telling the passengers that we are back and we pride in safety and reliability, which is the best way to fly in Aero.”

He stated that Aero was not only starting new routes but that it was also reinstating old ones that were suspended sometimes ago, adding that when he joined the airline it was eight flights a day but that it has risen to 30 flights daily in the last 24 months.

According to him, “We are starting new routes and we are also reinstating those routes that we suspended. When I joined we were doing eight flights a day, which we were servicing only Abuja and Port Harcourt. In the past 24 months, we have increased to more than 30 flights daily. We were carrying close to 8,000 passengers a month, now we are almost 33,000 passengers every month. The routes we have included as we go are Kano, we introduced more frequencies into Abuja, Abuja-Asaba, Warri, Uyo and we are now in the process of introducing Yola. We will have Lagos-Yola and Abuja-Yola, Yola-Abuja and Yola-Lagos. This will open more routes for our passengers. Sokoto bound passengers going to Yola can come and join our Yola flight and those from Asaba can join our Yola flight. We are opening up Nigeria for our esteem passengers. We believe that by the end of first half of this year, we will have opened new routes in the Eastern part of the county. We are looking at Owerri and Enugu and it will come very soon. Uyo was there before, so we are reinstating it.”

On whether the airline is going to secure more airplanes to services the new destinations, the Aero boss, stated that the carrier intend to bring more aircraft into the system

“We started with one aircraft in the beginning of 2017 and now we have four airplanes. We intend to bring more airplanes into the system. We have two aircraft that we want to conduct C-checks if the Nigeria civil Aviation of Nigeria, (NCAA) gives us the go ahead to do that. We will conduct two C-checks on two 737. Our aim is to have a 15 aircraft airline. What we have done today is that we are telling the passengers that we are back and we pride in safety and reliability, which is the best way to fly in Aero.”

The Chief Executive Officer, who spoke on the state of its Maintain Repair and Overhaul(MRO) facility, stated that the hangar was doing very fine, adding that the MRO had done three in-house C-Check and that Nigerian airlines were queuing for C-Check to be carried out on their aircraft.

In his words, “The MRO is doing very well, I am very happy about it. They say charity begins at home. We have done three C-checks in-house, that means we have done C-checks on three aircraft for Aero Contractors. We have done a couple of 18-months check for our customers, Nigerian airlines. We are about to do a C-check on another airline. We have a couple of Nigerian airlines that are lined up for C-checks. We are not interested in making mega profit now. What we are interested in is to develop the place and to ensure that we serve our customers. We want a situation where the Nigerian airlines are very comfortable bringing their airplanes here and we want to deliver their airplanes better than what they get outside the country.”

Also speaking, the Head of Cabin Crew, Kudirat Bello said that Aero decided to unveil the new look of the airline’s Cabin Crew to show that the airline is full back and back for good.

The new look of the Cabin Crew, that was launched today, she stated would further promote Aero as a brand.

She stated that Aero organised the event to also tell travelling passengers that the carrier was ready to provide better, effective, seamless and safe service delivery to its customers.

According to Bello, “We are using this medium to tell passengers and the public that Aero is back and back for good.”


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