PPP Good Infrastructure Devt. Model If Transparently Implemented—Mshelia

* L-R Capt. Mshelia; Comrade Dauda Sefiyanu, NUATE President & Ayuba Wabba, NLC, President


Gubernatorial Aspirant in Borno State on the platform of the Labour Party(LP) and Chief Executive of WestLink Airlines, Capt. Ibrahim Mshelia, has stated that Public Private Partnership  (PPP), could improve on the current infrastructure deficit in the country if transparently  and sincerely done.

Mshelia who is chairman at the National Union of Air a Transport Employees (NUATE) 10th Quadrennial National Delegates Conference holding in Asaba Delta State made this known while delivering his welcome address.

He said that the concept is not catching on in Nigeria due largely to shoddy and lopsided agreements that have stalled the development of the arrangement ranging from the controversies that bedeviled Maevis to the one involving Bi Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL).

According to him, “On the surface, this is a very lofty idea. If done transparently, we all should encourage it because that is the modern practice in all fast growing economies across the world. However, the PPP seems not to be walking on the fast lane in the Nigerian aviation sector. This is largely due to shoddy and lopsided packages that oftentimes constitute grave and lethal therapy for the growth of the sector. ”

“Examples fresh in our minds today are the controversies that bedevil the Maevis and Bi -Courtney contracts. There is no gain saying that the sector can only succeed in the drive towards PPP when we have a government that is answerable to the people in place,” he said.

The Governorship aspirant argued that PPP arrangement involves the private sector   providing  infrastructure assets and services, new or existing that have traditionally been provided by the government.

He stated further that through such private engagements, governments have broaden their options for  delivering  better  services to its people and  increase  the  economic  multiplier effects while the private sector provides finance and  expertise to  ease  fiscal  constraints  and  increase efficiency .

He urged aviation unions to begin map out plans to make their umbrella party, the Labour Party (LP) great by working to install a responsive, responsible, and intellectual and worker friendly government.

According to him, “The upcoming election is around the corner. We need to begin to mark out plans and back them with actions to ensure we grow our own party, The Labour Party (LP), to relevance, so that through that platform we can install a government that will be responsive, responsible and workers friendly. Sequel to this drive, I want to implore that as we are looking unto NUATE to turn out a new set of leaders to pilot the affairs of the aviation workers for another four years from this assembly, we must not also loose focus on the ultimate goal of installing our own government and marshal our programs towards that target.”

He continued, “Some of us have already begun the move by taking the bold step to creating the change that we all desire. I am happy to inform you, as my first constituency that I will be contesting to be the Executive Governor of Borno State under our party, the Labour Party come 2019. I greet all of you here with the message of hope, optimism and change that can be brought about by purposeful and focused leadership. That is what you and I are offering to our nation. I have this strong conviction that the Nigerian workers have all it takes to drive the country away from this track of perdition.”

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