IATA Predicts 7 Billion Airline Passengers By 2034

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) 20 years Passenger Forecast Report predicted that passenger numbers will double the expected 2015 total of 3.5 billion by 2034 with seven billion people taking to the skies.
Director General and Chief Executive Officer, IATA, Tony Tyler, stated that by 2034, the largest passenger markets would be China, the United States, India, the United Kingdom and Indonesia would take the fifth place.
Japan, he added would be sixth, Brazil seventh, Spain, Germany and France, eight, ninth and tenth while Italy lost out as one of the top ten.
The five fastest markets for additional passengers over the next 20 years will be, China with 758 million new customers, the United States at 523 million, India is to have 275 million and fourth and fifth are Indonesia and Brazil with 132 million and 104 million, respectively.
According to IATA’s Director General and Chief Executive Officer, Tony Tyler, “The demand for air transport continues to grow. There is much work to be done to prepare for the 7 billion passengers expected to take the skies in 2034.”
Across the regions, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East are expected to have 4.9 per cent growth, with 2.9 billion and 383 million passengers, respectively.
Africa could grow by 4.7 per cent for 294 million passengers by 2034. Latin American should also grow by 4.7 per cent for an annual passenger total of 605 million in 20 years time.
Europe will grow the slowest at 2.7 per cent for a market of 1.4 billion, while North America expands by 3.3 per cent to also reach 1.4 billion.
IATA also predicted that in the next 20 years the real cost of air travel is expected is reduce at a rate of 1-1.5 percent per year.